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Society Registration in Uttar Pradesh: A Complete Overview

Society Registration in Uttar Pradesh

Having an official government backup always acts as a booster to an organization. Society Registration is a state governed process that allows the society to have legal recognition. Society registration in Uttar Pradesh allows the societies established in Uttar Pradesh to avail benefits provided by the state government and promote its assets.

What is a Society?

People coming together, forming a union together based on their interdependency and their mutual interest, form a society. They are groups of people sharing similar interests, similar backgrounds, territories, and cultures. A society is a union of 7 or more individuals involved together. Society is largely made up of social relations existing between two different individuals existing in a similar set.

Registration of a society

A society can either be a registered one or an unregistered one. Registration of society is regulated under the Society Registration Act. The Society Registration Act aims to improve the conditions of the established societies and help promote literature, knowledge, education, and other charitable activities. 

Society Registration in Uttar Pradesh under Society Registration Act of 1860

Enacted in 1869, the Societies Registration Act in India, undertakes specific procedures for the registration and operation of societies in India. The Act was enacted to benefit the legal conditions of society’s registration and promote free education, free treatment, fine arts, and science to promote the poor and awareness for plentiful purposes. 

The Act may vary from state to state as it has been amended and implemented by the respective State Government as per requirement. Obtaining society registration in Uttar Pradesh provides the society a legal status and is recognized by the legal authorities for various other purposes.

Purpose of Society Registration in Uttar Pradesh

According to section 20 of the Society Registration Act, 1860, the certificate for society registration in Uttar Pradesh can be provided for the purposes of:

  • Establishing charitable societies, 
  • Setting up military orphan funds
  • Societies for the promotion of science, literature, fine arts for instruction, or any other kind of diffusion of useful knowledge,
  • Diffusion of political education
  • Establishing and maintaining libraries, public museums, and galleries of art, history, and inventions.

Steps to be followed for Society Registration in Uttar Pradesh

Step 1: Deciding a unique name for the society.

For a society registration in Uttar Pradesh or anywhere else in general, selecting the name of the society is the first step. The name selected should be in accordance with the provisions of the Society Registration Act. The selected name should be new and different from any existing society that has already been registered. 

Step 2: Preparing Memorandum of Association and Articles of Association for the society.

Rules related to its working, the meetings to be held, the membership policies, information about auditors, arbitration methods in case of disputes and methods of the disintegration of the society, and any other relevant points are to be mentioned.

Step 3: Preparing required documents.

Step 4: Submission of all documents along with appropriate fees to the state registrar.

Step 5: Grant of certificate of registration.

Documents required for Society Registration in Uttar Pradesh

The following documents have to be prepared, signed, and submitted for registration:

  • Application for registration

Requesting for society registration signed by all established members.

  • A covering letter

Stating the purpose and outlines of the society.

  • Memorandum of Association and Articles of Association – Rules and regulation of the society –

A copy of the rules and regulations of the society along with a copy duly signed by all established members. 

  • PAN card of all the applicants requesting society registration in Uttar Pradesh.
  • Residence proof of all the applicants requesting society registration in Uttar Pradesh. It can be a bank statement or Aadhaar card or even a driving license.
  • Address proof of the office of society –

The address proof of the registered office of the society. In case of absence of ownership of the office, an NOC (No Objection Certificate) issued by the landlord is required.

  • Governing Body

All members of the governing body should be given a list with their signatures.

  • A declaration

An affidavit[1] by the appropriate authority of the society declaring the relationship between the members.

The aforesaid documents with the appropriate fee are to be presented to the Registrar of Societies who, upon satisfaction will issue a certificate of incorporation.


Society Registration in Uttar Pradesh is a simple enough process that allows the societies under it to avail several benefits and help promote literature, knowledge, education and other charitable activities. Governed by the Society Registration Act, the societies are provided with a well-put outline to do so.  If you need more information about Society Registration you can directly contact with the BizAdvisors.

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