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A Step-by-Step Guide on PSARA License in Madhya Pradesh

PSARA License in Madhya Pradesh

Many people are heading out to start their businesses or develop their organizations in the world we currently live in. The rapid growth of small firms in the marketplace has also increased the demand for security and safety. A private security agency is a person or group of people in the business of providing private security services, such as training private security guards or their supervisors or providing private security guards to any business or industrial undertaking, a corporation, a person, or a piece of property. In this blog post, you will get to learn all the details about the PSARA License in Madhya Pradesh.

Security agencies are businesses that specialize in teaching and offering security services. Many private security companies have been developed today to meet the security requirements of people and businesses meet the security requirements of people and businesses, many private security companies have been developed today. The Private Security Agencies (Regulation) Act, 2005 regulates all of the operations and activities of the numerous private security agencies in India (PSARA).

A short glimpse of the PSARA License

Before starting a private security company in India, one must have a PSARA License. A company that offers private security guards and other associated services at a location instead of the police is referred to as a private security agency. The Private Security Agencies Regulation Act, 2005, which is enforced by the Ministry of Home Affairs Department of Internal Security, governs the operation of private security firms in India.

Since the PSARA (Act) was passed, a security agency must get a license from the relevant state controlling authority before starting operations. If this requirement is not met, the legislation outlines severe penalties that will apply.

Essential Documentation concerning the PSARA License in Madhya Pradesh

The following are the essential documents for attaining PSARA License in Madhya Pradesh:

·         Certificate of Agency Registration Application Form

·         Request form for antecedent’s verification: The link to the Form IV Training certificate can be found on page 68: For the Form III License fee by demand draught or banker’s check in the name of the appropriate regulating authority, please refer to page 67 of the form.

·         As required, an affidavit

·         If any of the relevant authorities are being used as a trainer, provide a complete bio and experience certificate.

·         A letter requesting the training facility be outsourced, including the training center’s full address

·         The unique qualification of the applicant (Training certificate in Security or Police and Military Discharge Certificate)

·         Certificate of exemption from income tax. (For former Agencies)

·         Copy of the applicant’s identity verification that has been self-attested (Aadhar card, passport, voter ID, driving license, or any such photo ID)

·         Copy of the applicant’s residential documentation that has been self-attested (Aadhar card, passport, voter ID, driving license, or any such photo ID)

·         GST Number Aadhar Card PAN Card

Note: In addition to the documents listed above, authorities may request other information or records. Please give them to the processing center.

Procedure concerning the PSARA License in Madhya Pradesh

Below mentioned is the procedure regarding the PSARA License in Madhya Pradesh:-

·         Every request for the issuance of a license for a private security company should be directed to the appropriate Controlling authority.

·         According to the “Private Security Agencies (Regulation) Act[1],” the governing authority may be senior police officers or senior officers working for the Department of Home.

·         If possible, please visit the “Deputy General of Police office” in person to speak with the appointed individual in the private security license division.

·         The authorities can provide the necessary application forms, or they can be written on an A4 page as instructed.

·         Please arrange for the necessary paperwork and certificates before receiving the most recent information.

·         Each application must be accompanied by a license fee in the form of a demand draught or banker’s check payable to the appropriate controlling authority.

·         A form for antecedent verification must also be included by the applicant.

·         If the candidate is a business, a firm, or an alliance of citizens, then each entrepreneur, principal owner, associate, or administrator of the business must submit the form for antecedent identification just as if they were the candidates themselves.

·         To the receiving authority, please send the completed application in two copies together with the necessary paperwork listed in the “Required Documents” section, as well as the aforementioned requirement.

·         When the application is received, the settings will be checked for prerequisites. The authority may acknowledge that everything is in order by signing the first copy and returning it, but holding the second copy for processing.

·         The applicant now receives SMS notifications on their mobile device about the status of their application. Consequently, heed the departmental instructions and keep an eye out for the announcement.

·         It is advisable to meet with the responsible authority with whom the application was submitted if there has been no notification or communication from the department.

·         To confirm the information provided in the application and the applicant’s details, the controlling body may conduct any necessary inquiries.

·         By providing a copy of the application, the Controlling Authority must receive a no-objection certificate from the Superintendent of Police or other designated authority of the district in question, where the applicant proposes to start its operations.

·         Police officials who are concerned will conduct a thorough inspection of the location.

·         The Superintendent of Police or other designated representative of the relevant district will return the report to the controlling authority after proper investigation and verification by the relevant police authorities.

·         If the report produces a satisfactory outcome, the regulating authority will contact the applicant for an interview.

·         After completing all of the aforementioned stages, the license will be sanctioned.

·         The license will be sent through mail or delivered personally as instructed, or it will be delivered by the rules, to the office address listed on the application.

·         It should be noted that the department alone decides whether to give a license.

·         Keep a copy of the DD and make careful to verify the date on the document.

Fee Structure concerning the PSARA License in Madhya Pradesh

Following is the format of the required fees for attaining a PSARA License in Madhya Pradesh:

·         If the private security firm is active in a single State district, Rs. 5,000

·         Ten thousand rupees if the agency covers more than one district, but no more than five, in a State.

·         If it serves the entire State, it would cost 25,000 rupees.

Note that these fees can change, so be sure to ask the authorities for the most recent information on fees before applying.

Validity of PSARA License in Madhya Pradesh

Unless it is revoked, a license that has been granted is valid for five years. After the initial five years have passed, it may be periodically renewed for a further five years by paying the appropriate amount.

Note- Will be governed by any restrictions that may be prescribed


To adhere to the PSARA, 2005’s requirements, supervisors must be designated by the applicant. Regarding the work of the security guards, the supervisors are responsible for directing and supervising agency operations. A minimum of three years of work experience in the army or navy is required of those chosen to serve as supervisors. You can get in touch with our legal experts at BizAdvisors.io for any kind of assistance regarding the PSARA License in Madhya Pradesh.

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