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A Complete Overview of Tobacco License in India

A Complete Overview of Tobacco License in India

In the majority of the states in our nation, obtaining a Tobacco License is now necessary in order to sell, manufacture, or import tobacco products. The procedure for obtaining this license in India is less onerous than doing so for a cigarette license. In India, many state governments have implemented the vendor licensing system and are actively working on it. Due to the enormous number of shops in our nation, enrolling tobacco dealers with Tobacco licenses is very complicated. Making the licensing need for Tobacco Licenses in India a priority will help put the unregulated trade in various tobacco products under the government’s scrutiny, according to our state and the federal government. 

Who is Eligible for a Tobacco License?  

Following are eligible for the above mentioned license- 

  1. Who export tobacco products
  2. Manufacturers of Tobacco
  3. Marketers of tobacco
  4. Virginia tobacco manufacturers
  5. Processors Richmond Tobacco
  6. Tobacco producers and Commercial Virginia Tobacco Grade  

Important Points Regarding License in India

Given below is the procedure to get the above mentioned license- 

  1. If tobacco sellers break the rules established by the Cigarette and Other Tobacco Products Act, 2003, they risk losing their license and finding it difficult to reapply for a permit to deal in tobacco products. Before applying for this License in India, vendors must make sure, that the municipal authorities have approved their stores and license. Non-tobacco commodities like biscuits, chocolates, soft drinks, etc. should not be kept by vendors selling tobacco products since they would attract kids of all ages. By enacting and enforcing vendor licensing, states have enhanced their compliance with COTPA by ensuring that all vendors adhere to the laws and regulations by the Tobacco License governing the production, sale, and importation of cigarettes or other tobacco products. 
  1. To protect the future of youngsters under the age of 18, the government of India has made obtaining a cigarette licence a necessity of the hour. Additionally, the government is moving forward with its surveillance of tobacco merchants to determine whether they are adhering to the COTPA rules and other health regulations. The sale of cigarettes or other tobacco products to anybody under the age of 18 is strictly prohibited under this clause. You must adhere to this rule regardless if you wish to obtain the above mentioned License for cigarettes or other tobacco products. 
  1. No one is allowed to promote cigarettes or tobacco products in any way. Tobacco vendors are required to abide by this stringent regulation in order to obtain permission for the above mentioned license that allows them to sell and produce tobacco products. Additionally, there are limitations on tobacco sponsorship and any publicity related to it. The prohibitions imposed by tobacco control regulations also apply to displaying or exhibiting advertising in the form of flyers, posters, movies, videos, etc. Warehouses or stores that offer the sale and distribution of tobacco products or cigarettes, however, are free to show advertising for those items. These stores or warehouses are not subject to any restrictions; thus, they are allowed to place advertisements and posters at the front gate or within their establishments. 
  1.  Vendors of tobacco must make sure they won deceive customers by misrepresenting labelling or packaging, such as by using seductive language on tobacco products and cigarettes. The label of the product must have the specific warning in accordance with the regulations outlined in the guidelines for tobacco licencing in order to send a clear message to the public and raise awareness. It is up to them, though, to decide if they will take anything away from them or just disregard it. The manufacture, sale, supply, and import of cigarettes and other tobacco products should make things clear and understandable by displaying images of the negative impacts of using these goods. 
  1. Indian tobacco control rules forbid the sale of tobacco products within 100 yards of educational institutions there without a Tobacco License. In addition, some states have outlawed the sale of single cigarettes, gutka, and other types of smokeless tobacco, while others intend to conduct sales with limits. The provisions established by the Juvenile Justice Act of 2015[1] and the Cigarettes and Other Tobacco Products Act of 2003 must be followed by merchants having valid Tobacco Licenses. According to this clause, the selling of non-tobacco items at tobacco stores attracts young customers who are unable to distinguish between right and wrong. Additionally, it would be regarded as an astute marketing technique. 

Document required to Get the Tobacco License 

Along with submitting their application and paying the required costs, candidates must also submit the documents listed below-

  • Recent Bank Certificate against the applicants & banker current account in the format stipulated 
  • Letter of Undertaking in the required format, on company letterhead. If the company is a partnership, private limited company, or public limited company
  • A copy of the memorandum of articles of association and the full addresses of the partners and directors GST certificate copy. 
  • A PAN Card copy. 
  • A copy of the IEC certificate for the Importer Exporter Code. 

The following format should be used by applicants seeking registration or renewal of registration as Exporter of Tobacco (for Un Manufactured Tobacco) to provide the details of Godowns, warehouses, and handling locations, including branches: location: complete address and phone number. It is necessary to apply for the Registration-cum-Membership Certificate (RCMC), which is obtained to provide to the DGFT department for conducting exports of tobacco and tobacco products outside of India, after receiving the registration for Exporter of Unmanufactured Tobacco & Exporter of Tobacco Product from the Tobacco Board. 

Once registration is approved, exporters of both manufactured and unmanufactured tobacco may submit applications to the board for RCMC. Exporters can log in with the Login ID and password that have been issued to them, then select Registered under the specific Exporter category to navigate. 


In order to receive a Tobacco License in India, applicants must adhere to the licensing requirements and the 2003 Cigarettes and Other Tobacco Products Act (COTPA). Additionally, it’s crucial to impose a regulatory framework on all tobacco products and cigarettes. Since the tobacco industry focuses mostly on young people, introducing vendor licencing and effectively executing it will ensure that everything is fair for everyone. One thing is obvious from the government’s lack of attention to this issue: this framework would encourage improvement in the industry. To get the above mentioned license easily contact at Bizadvisors.io.

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