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A Complete Process of Society Registration Renewal in India

A Complete Process of Society Registration Renewal in India

Society is a group of people who share a common interest and get together to work together for mutual and comparable purposes. Society Registration is a state governed process that allows the society to have legal recognition and Society Registration renewal in India is mandatory after the registration is expired.  The Societies Registration Act, 1860, governs such organizations which are registered as Society in India.. In this article, we will discuss society registration renewal in India. 

Registration of Societies

The registration of the Society is done in accordance with the provisions of the Act. These organizations are formed to promote philanthropic activities such as the fine arts, music, culture, sports, religion, science, literature, and knowledge. A minimum of seven people are necessary for society registration. The state governments are in charge of society registration. The competent authority of the state government where the registering society’s registered office is located receives the application for registration of the society. A charge of Rs. 50 is paid to the Registrar for each such registration, or whatever fee the state government directs. The state government keeps track of all fees collected.

Society Registration renewal in India

Society Registration renewal in India, under the aforementioned Act is required by the government. A society registration renewal application must be submitted to the Registrar within one month of the registration’s expiration date, together with the required cost. Every registered society is eligible for a five-year renewal. The fee structure for Society Registration under the Societies Registration Act is as follows:

  • For society registration renewal in India, a charge equivalent to the registration fee of Rs. 200, whichever is lower, must be paid to the Registrar within the required period. The state government can raise the amount charged at any time by giving a proper notification, as long as the new fee does not exceed the fee paid at the time of society registration.
  • If the application is filed within one month of the expiration time, an extra charge of Rs. 40 or higher must be paid as prescribed by the state government, but it must not exceed one-fifth of the above-mentioned price.
  • If the application is filed more than one month after the expiration date, the state government will charge an extra cost of Rs. twenty per month or a higher monthly amount, but not more than half of the above specified additional fee.

The date of expiration of the period for which registration was in effect is the effective date of a society registration renewal.

Procedure for Society Registration Renewal in India

Following is the procedure given below for the Society Registration renewal in India-

  • A list of members of the governing body chosen after the registration or renewal must be included in the application for society registration renewal in India.
  • The society registration certificate had to be renewed only if the Registrar had not dispensed it due to destruction, loss, or any other relevant reason.
  • The following information must be submitted with an online application form given by the state government on their respective official website for renewal:
  • Existing society registration file number.
  • The name of the organization whose registration has to be renewed.
  • all of the applicant’s contact information, such as phone number and email address
  • All necessary documentation must be submitted.
  • The previous file number will be kept when the society registration is renewed.

Documents required for processing Renewal of a Society

Following is the list of the documents which are mandatory for the Society Registration renewal in India- 

  • Request for a renewal.
  • Along with the original registration certificate, a photocopy of the registration certificate is required.
  • A list of Executive Committee members, with their complete names (in block letters), addresses, and occupations.
  • The General Body meeting’s relevant resolution for the purpose.
  • Three members of the departing Executive Committee must sign an authenticity certificate, which must be attested by a gazetted officer
  • Xerox of the most recent yearly balance statement, attested (along with the original, which will be returned after verification).
  • Attested photocopy of the most recent audit report (along with the original, which will be returned after verification) from a Chartered Accountant or a Government auditor, as approved by the society’s Annual General Meeting (This document must be submitted to the Registrar within 30 days of the Annual General Meeting’s approval.
  • Photocopy of the utilization certificate (together with the original, which will be returned after verification) on the society’s use of government/semi-government/institutional funds (in case of a society, which had received any such fund during the period, prior to the date of the renewal application).
  • Fee for renewal. From the date of expiry of the validity of the original registration certificate, Rs.25.00 (rupees twenty-five) must be submitted by Treasury Challan under the heading “1475- Other General Economic Services-Fees under Societies Registration Act. 1860[1], Renewal under Act.XXI-1860.”
  • Specimen signatures with full names and dates of all new Executive members (including the new President / Secretary, if any) on plain paper, signed in the presence of the Deputy Commissioner / Additional Deputy Commissioner / Sub Divisional Officer / Revenue Circle Officer of the concerned district/subdivision/revenue circle, who will sign on that paper with full names in block letters, dates, and designations in token of his having witnessed the same.
  • A brief report (in original) on the operations of the society over the preceding three years from the date of the renewal application from the Deputy Commissioner / Sub-Divisional Officer of the concerned district / sub-division.
  • Photocopies of all pages of the society’s bank passbook (along with the original, which will be returned after verification).
  • The society’s cash book (in original, which will be returned after verification) for the previous three years, up to the date of the renewal application.
  • Attested passport-size pictures of the President and Secretary (below the face, attested by a gazetted officer).
  • In the event of a society making such a claim, the Dag Number, Patta Number, and proof of ownership of the society on the land of its Office are required.
  • In the case of a society’s office being housed in a rented building, an affidavit from the homeowner with confirmation of ownership.
  • Since the date of registration, an annual report has been issued.

Failure of society registration renewal in India

If a society fails to renew its registration within one year of its expiration date, it will become an unregistered society. The Registrar has the discretion to grant an application for renewal even beyond one year from the date of expiration for valid cause on payment of a charge of Rs. 400 or more, but not more than ten times the additional cost specified above, as notified by the state government.


Each society registered under the Societies Registration Act of 1860 has a five-year validity period after which society registration renewal in India is mandatory. Society registration renewal in India must be completed within one month of the registration’s expiration date. The renewal procedure is identical to the registration process in many ways. After supplying all of the essential information, you may renew your society registration online using the state government’s website. Failure to apply for renewal will result in the society being unregistered. Consult an expert for society registration renewal in India. You can also reach bizadvisor.io

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