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A Complete Overview of Society Registration in Tamil-Nadu

A Complete Overview of Society Registration in Tamilnadu

You must apply for Society Registration in Tamil-Nadu if you wish to start a society in Tamil-Nadu to support literature, the fine arts, science, and the dissemination of useful information, particularly political education, or charity. You can put your new society on a strong legal foundation by simply adhering to the requirements of the Tamil-Nadu Societies Registration Act, of 1860. You will obtain a thorough understanding of the Act and all of its key components in this blog, enabling you to effectively register your organization. In this article, we will discuss Society Registration in Tamil-Nadu.

Benefits of a Society Registration in Tamil Nadu

The Society Registration in Tamil Nadu has many benefits; some have been mentioned as follows:

  • To buy a specific property without encountering any legal problems. The Registered Society encounters fewer compliances while holding the property in its own name.
  • If there is a dispute, take the defaulters to court. The registered Society in Tamil Nadu has the authority to compel compliance with court orders.
  • You will receive a tax discount on your income if you register a society in Tamil Nadu. The Act permits Tamil Nadu’s Societies to file income tax returns.
  • Take on fewer commitments.
  • Transfer the previous organization’s property without having to cope with onerous paperwork or stringent laws.
  • Protect the incorporated body’s assets from a foe attempting to seize them.
  • Gets around the restrictions that make opening a bank account in the company’s name challenging.
  • Get money from a range of sources.

Understanding the Terminology of the Act

Memorandum of Association

The Memorandum of Association serves as the society’s constitution. The name and purpose of the organization, the location of the registered office, the names, occupations, and addresses of the governing body, as well as the names, addresses, and signatures of those who signed the Memorandum of Association are all included in this document.


Affidavits are written statements of fact made voluntarily under oath or affirmation by someone who is legally qualified to administer the oath or affirmation.

Society Registration Prerequisites

Following are some prerequisites to be followed by the society:

  • A society’s Memorandum may be subscribed to by individuals, partnership firms, registered societies, limited liability corporations, and foreign nationals alike.
  • The signatures of the members shall be affixed in the presence of the appointed official.
  • A Class I Magistrate with the official seal, an Oath Commissioner, a Gazetted Officer, a Notary Public with Rs. 3 stamps, a Chartered Accountant, an Advocate, or a Notary Public with Rs. 3 stamps should all be present when the members of the society sign the memorandum.

Choose a name for your society that doesn’t break the law.

The society must choose a name before applying for Society Registration in Tamil Nadu. It’s challenging to give your society a name because you’ll need to solve some legal concerns. It is not appropriate to use the Emblems and Names (Prevention of Improper Use) Act, 1950, for example. You should refrain from using a number of the names listed in this Act, including those of national heroes. Additionally, stay away from titles that imply immorality or indecency or are similar to those of another registered organization.

Documents needed for Society Registration in Tamil Nadu

The documents are listed below:

  • A letter asking that your society be registered under the Society Registration Act, 1860[1], to the appropriate official in Tamil Nadu.
  • Two copies of the Memorandum of Association, which must list the society’s name, objectives, members’ names, addresses, and professions in addition to the group’s governing body. Additionally, you need to provide a copy of the rules and regulations for your society, which must be verified as accurate by three other members. Make two copies just to be safe.
  • No objection certification on paper with a stamp value of Rs. 2, along with documentation attesting to the owner of the society’s registered office, such as a general or lease power of attorney, an electricity bill, or a ration card. For a government apartment, an allotment letter is adequate.

The Procedure of Society Registration in Tamil Nadu

The following procedure is to be followed to obtain Society Registration in Tamil Nadu:

  • Gather the documents

 One of the society’s committee members is responsible for gathering all of the aforementioned paperwork and ensuring the accuracy of the information included before filling it out.

  • Enter the following information in the online application form

The applicant must visit the official website recommended by the state government and provide all the necessary information about the society after verifying the legitimacy of the supporting documents. The applicant may seek professional guidance if completing the details accurately presents a challenge. They can simply assist the candidate as they navigate the process.

  • Send information to the website

Once the applicant has finished filling out the society-related information, he or she must submit it using the official website advised by the state government. In the event that the applicant discovers that the official website for registering societies is not operating properly, he or she may seek advice from a professional or submit an offline application for society registration.

  • Obtain the certificate of registration for the society

The state government’s authorities will review the application when it is submitted, and if all the necessary requirements are met and the paperwork is in order, the applicant will be given a certificate confirming society registration. The certificate of society registration will be valid for the next 5 years after the applicant receives it. 

After five years, the applicant must submit an online renewal request for the registered society in Tamil Nadu within one month of the registered society’s expiration date. The society will lose its validity if the applicant doesn’t renew the registration.


The procedure of Society Registration in Tamil-Nadu is very comparable to that of other states. All documentation must be uploaded to the state government’s internet site by a committee member of the society. The promotion of charity endeavors can be accomplished by the society once it has received its registration certificate. The society will only be valid and able to accomplish its goals if it is registered, though. Our team of legal professionals at Bizadvisors.io can be a wonderful option for you if you need assistance with Society Registration in Tamil Nadu.

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