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Society Registration in Karnataka: A Complete Overview

Society Registration in Karnataka

An organized collection of people known as society exists exclusively to provide non-profit operations for the well-being and advancement of society. Such societies that register will have official existence and be able to benefit from tax exemption. The Societies Registration Act, 1960: The Societies Registration Act, 1960, which regulates organization activities in India, is used to register societies. The Karnataka Organizations Registration Act, 1960 was modified by the Karnataka Adaptations of Laws Order to allow for the registration of scholarly, intellectual, philanthropic, and other associations. The entire State of Karnataka is covered under the law. This article examines in depth the steps involved in acquiring a Society Registration in Karnataka.

What is Society Registration?

A society is an organization where a collection of people who share interests work together to carry out specific tasks. The Societies Registration Act of 1860, which is open to revision, governs such societies. Under the aforementioned Act, the provisions for society registration are cited. In India, societies are frequently created to accomplish altruistic objectives. Even though these institutions are not required to register, doing so is recommended for increased growth and recognition.

Eligibility Criterion for Society Registration in Karnataka

Below mentioned is the eligibility criterion for Society Registration in Karnataka:

  • Any person may apply an application to register a society for philanthropic objectives.
  • Self-Help Clubs are exempt from the Societies Registration Act of 1960[1] since they were established to lend money to group members to order to help them start businesses, occupations, or trades, which are regarded as commercial rather than charitable activities.
  • The Societies Registration Act of 1960 does not apply to organizations whose goals and purposes are limited to the welfare and interests of their members alone, such as the Pensioners Association, Housing Societies, etc.

Pre-requisites for Society Registration in Karnataka

The following are the conditions that must be fulfilled before Society Registration in Karnataka:

  • A society must have at least seven members in order to be considered something other than a society in which the State Government is a member.
  • The seven participants must be older than 18 years of age.

Concerned Supervision/Authorities for Society Registration in Karnataka

  • The District Registrars of Co-operative Societies appointed by the State Government of Karnataka are the competent authorities for the registration of societies, according to section 2(e) of the Karnataka Societies Registration Act, 1960.
  • If necessary, further Joint Deputies or Assistant Registrars will be appointed to help the current Registrar.
  • The Registrar’s Office in the District where the society is planned to be created is where a society can register.
  • With effect from June 1, 2016, the Department of Cooperative Societies took over the management of societies under the Karnataka Societies Registration Act, 1960, from the Department of Revenue.

Essential Requirements for Society Registration in Karnataka

These are the requirements for Society Registration in Karnataka:

Name of the society:

  • The society that will be registered must choose a distinctive name. A name that is already registered for a society is not permitted under the Societies Registration Act of 1960.
  • The society’s name must not be similar to the name of any nation, state, or municipal government, or to any name that is forbidden under the Emblems and Names Act of 1950.
  • According to guidelines provided by the Indian Government, society should not use the terms “Indian,” “National,” or the names of “Regional Characters.”

Memorandum of Association (MOA):

  • The association’s memorandum must be submitted to the Registrar. The memorandum of association must be signed by seven society members or anyone affiliated with the society, along with the date.

The following information should be included in the memorandum of association:

 (a) the association’s name (b) its purpose (c) the location of its registered office (d) the names of the founding members of the Governing Body (e) the names, addresses, and occupations of the witnesses to the memorandum.

Association bylaws:

The Rules and Regulations document includes information or queries about the following:

  • How the President, Secretary, and other officers are chosen, installed, ousted, or resigned from their positions
  • The length of the governing body members’ terms in office, as well as that of the president, secretary, and other offices
  • The procedure for a member’s admission, resignation, or removal
  • The upkeep of the membership registry and access to it for inspection
  • The guardianship of society’s goods
  • The process for convening society meetings, the time allotted for notification, and the way votes are cast
  • The upkeep and examination of accounts
  • The scrutiny of the finances and meeting proceedings by the society’s members
  • Something else about the organization’s business

*Each subscriber to the memorandum of association should sign the same in the presence of at least one witness. The memorandum and the rules and regulations of the organization may be printed or typewritten. The address, personal information, and job title of the witness should also be included.

Required Documents for Society Registration in Karnataka

Following is a set of documents needed for a Society Registration in Karnataka:

  • Details in Form A
  • Rules & Regulations and the Memorandum of Association, both formally attested by a signatory to the memorandum and approved by the proposed society
  • Association’s Byelaws
  • With pictures and signatures, the executive committee is listed in the Memorandum of Association.
  • The first society-forming meeting’s proceedings
  • Having paid the required fee, Chalan
  • The affidavit should be properly notarized in the required form on Rs. 20/- E-Stamp paper
  • Copy of an identity and address proof. (One of the aforementioned)
  • Aadhar ID
  • Voter ID, driver’s license, proof of address in the community, and registration proposal
  • Rental Contract
  • A NOC-accompanied tax payment record


Below mentioned is an easy process for Society Registration in Karnataka:

Through the web portal Sahakara Sindhu, the Department of Co-operation under the Government of Karnataka permits online registration of societies.

Step 1: Visit the Department of Co-official operation’s website in order to register a society online in the first step. To register for a society, click the link. The page for approved subscribers to log in appears.

Step 2: Click sign up if you’re a first-time user. The registration section opens. After filling out the form, click “sign up.” To the mobile number you have on file, an OTP will be issued. Once you’ve logged in for the first time, change to your new password and log back in.

Enter the login information if you are already a registered user to access the online site.

Step 3: The Society Registration Application form appears. The three-part form should be filled out completely.

  • Authorized Subscriber Information
  • Society Information
  • Attach documents

Step 4: After finishing the form and adding the required files, click submit. The application reference number is generated after successful submission.

Step 5: The department checks the online application. Information is incomplete is the status that appears if any invalid documents are discovered. Re-upload any documents that are missing or incorrect.

They will call for physical verification and request payment if all information and documentation are deemed to be accurate. Update the information in your login after making the payment.

Step 6: The caseworker reviews the proposal after receiving the application.

Step 7: After the plan has gone through internal review, it is presented to the superintendent.

Step 8: The Superintendent checks and transmits the information to the District Registrar for review and confirmation.

Step 9: The District Registrar of Societies and Deputy Registrar of Co-operative Societies will register the Memorandum of Association and Rules and Regulation and issue a Certificate of Registration if they are satisfied that all Act and rule criteria have been met.

Process Duration for the Registration in Karnataka

In Karnataka, the registration of a society can take up to Thirty days depending upon the submission of documents.


Society can be canceled or dissolved by the approval of a majority of members present in a specially called General Body Meeting. If there are any disputes among the members or with the executive body, transactions, etc., they can be resolved by approaching Civil Court. You can get in touch with our legal experts at BizAdvisors.io regarding any additional information about Society Registration in Karnataka.

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