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A Complete Guide on Society Registration in India

A Complete Guide on Society Registration in India

A society is a collection of people who have voluntarily banded together to rule and work collectively for a common good. The main goal of Society Registration in India is to promote philanthropic activities such as music, culture, sports, art, education, and so on. The Society Registration Act, which has been ratified by numerous state governments with or without additional revisions, governs the Society Registration in India. If you want to start a Society, you must first understand the procedure for Society Registration in India. This blog will walk you through the complete Society Registration in India procedure and essential paperwork in India.

What are the Advantages of Society Registration in India?

A Society is registered for the following purposes, according to Section 20 of the Society Act, 1860:

∙       In order to promote the beautiful arts

∙       Political Education Dissemination for Charitable Purposes

∙       For the advancement of science and literature

∙       Orphan military funds are being created.

∙       For the establishment and upkeep of Orphan Funds, reading rooms, and libraries.

∙       For the dissemination of beneficial information.

Characteristics of Society Registration in India

To create a Society, a minimum of 7 people are necessary. The Memorandum of a Society in India must be subscribed to by people, businesses, or societies registered outside of India. After Society Registration in India, the organization has legal protection and becomes eligible for government benefits.

What are the Documents Needed for Society Registration in India?

Following are the basic documents required for the Society Registration in India- 

Pan card

The Pan Card must be submitted with the application by all members of the proposed club. Resident evidence includes bank statements, Aadhar cards or Pan cards, utility bills, driver’s licenses, and passports, among others. This can be submitted as evidence proof by any member of the society.

The Society’s MOA (Memorandum of Association) 

It shall contain some important things which are society’s working and objectives on which it is being founded. Details about the people who have a role in the building of society. The address of the society’s registered office.

The Society’s AOA (Articles of Association)

The information given in this paragraph is necessary for the Society Registration in India. The processes that must be followed when the business is formed, such as the society’s laws and regulations, as well as the day-to-day operations. If someone wants to join the society, they should consult the AOA, which provides the guidelines for joining the society. Details about the meetings to be conducted, as well as their frequency. Information from the auditors. In the event that there is a problem among the society’s members, information regarding the forms of arbitration is available. Methods for society’s disintegration. Any changes to the existing set of rules must be signed by the society’s President, Vice-President, Chairman, and Secretary after the rules have been created. A covering letter explaining the motivation for the society’s establishment will be attached to the application at the beginning. The covering letter will be signed by the society’s founding members. AOA is mandatory for society registration in India.

Proof of the Registered Office Address

A copy of the address evidence for the society’s registered office, as well as a NOC (No Objection Certificate) from the landlord.

All of the members are listed below.

A list featuring the names and signatures of all members of the ruling body.


A declaration by the prospective society’s President saying that he or she is willing to serve in the position. All of the documents, along with the prescribed fee and two copies, are sent to the Registrar of Societies. The Registrar will sign both copies of the paperwork after receiving the application. The Registrar of the society will issue an Incorporation certificate and assign it a registration number after a thorough validation of the materials.

What is the Procedure for Society Registration in India?

An individual does not need to be an Indian citizen to contribute to the building of society. A person who desires to become a member of society might be an Indian citizen or a foreigner. The registration of the society is maintained by their respective state governments. Existing members must agree to the name of the society before it can be registered. After then, a Memorandum is written, followed by the society’s rules and regulations.

The Society’s MOA (Memorandum of Association)

Every member of the society must sign the Memorandum of Society, which must be witnessed by a gazette officer, a notary republic, a Chartered accountant (CA), an Oath Commissioner, an Advocate, a Magistrate first-class, or a Chartered accountant (CA) with their official stamping and complete address. In addition, all members’ personal information must be included in the Memorandum of Society.

What are the Considerations that Must be Made while Giving a Name to a Society?

The name of the society cannot be the same or similar to that of another registered society, according to the Society Act of 1860[1]. Furthermore, the proposed name shall not conflict with the Emblem and Names Act of 1950.

What are the Benefits of Incorporating a Business into a Society?

The following are some of the benefits of society registration in India as incorporation:

  • After registering as a society, the members have legal standing and are able to lawfully create a bank account.
  • The Income Tax Act allows a society to swiftly register and receive authorization.
  • After registration, society becomes an independent legal body.
  • In the view of all Forums and Government agencies, a registered society gains legal status.


Taking the initiative and assisting people for a good cause, not only benefits society, but also helps you become a better version of yourself day by day. People come up with a Society Registration in India for the good of everybody in order to give this an edge. Consult with an expert for Society Registration in India is necessary because there are a lot of formalities that one needs to fulfil for the Society Registration in India. You can reach an expert team at the bizadvisor.io for any help regarding Society Registration in India. 

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