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A Complete Guide on Renewal Procedure of FCRA Registration

Renewal Procedure of FCRA Registration

The business community is now more dedicated to social and environmental goals. Even businesses that prioritize profits significantly support social, economic, cultural, and environmental issues. In this context, cross-transaction of monies is now a frequent practice. And these transactions are happening at a noticeably higher rate. Every association, group, trust, and non-governmental organization that plans to accept foreign donations must comply with the FCRA.  In this article, the Renewal Procedure of FCRA Registration has been described in a detailed manner.

In 2010, the Foreign Contribution Regulation Act (FCRA) was passed. Anyone who wants to accept a foreign contribution must register with the FCRA. The principal objectives of the FCRA were to control the flow of foreign contributions and ensure that they were not used for purposes other than those authorized by the law.

What is FCRA Registration?

FCRA Registration is required by any entity that receives foreign contributions or other similar profits such as donations and thus will be regarded as eligible to register itself for its Registration. The entities that can opt for the registration are regarded as any individual, Trust, Society, or Section 8 Company.  

A Basic Idea about Renewal Procedure of FCRA Registration

In Form FC -3C, the Central Government must be contacted with a request to renew the certificate. The certificate must be renewed by the Central Government within 90 days of the date the renewal application was received, subject to any terms and conditions the Central Government may deem appropriate. The certificate must be renewed for five years.

The Objective of the Renewal Procedure of FCRA Registration

The following mentioned are the objectives for the Renewal Procedure of FCRA Registration:-

This is beneficial for general development, without a doubt. But there is a drawback as well. Even with advanced infrastructure, government officials struggle to keep track of such transactions. The Foreign Contribution Regulation Act of 2010 was only passed by the Indian government for this reason.

Considering the goal it pursues, this Act is unique. Its goal is to stop the constant flow of international transactions supporting fraud. The 2010 Foreign Contribution Regulation Act[1] went into effect with the following objectives:

  • Control how certain associations or businesses may accept and make use of foreign contributions or hospitality.
  • Prohibit accepting or using foreign contributions that serve fraudulent purposes or otherwise interfere with the interests of the country.

Renewal Procedure of FCRA Registration

Below mentioned is the Renewal Procedure of FCRA Registration:-

  • The following URL will take you to the Ministry of Home Affairs’ internet portal- http://fcraonline.nic.in
  • The “FCRA Online Forms” option can be found on the Home page.
  • Your screen will show a list of the various FCRA forms.
  • The option “FC-3 Request seeking renewal of FCRA registration” should be selected.
  • The “Click to Apply Online” tab can be seen in the following window.
  • The login screen will then appear when you exit the portal. To access the portal in this case, you must enter your credentials.
  • Go to the bottom left corner of the next page and select the “Apply Online” tab.
  • Next, click the link that says “Click here for completes partially finished FCRA Renewal Application” at the bottom of the next window. 
  • You’ll see the new window on your screen. On the top menu, choose “Company Profile” from the list. This will lead to a blank form.
  • Complete all required fields with accurate data, then select “Update.” The amount connected to the financial contribution received during the last three years will be filled in automatically. Make that the amount reported in the FCRA report and the amount reported in the annual return for those fees are the same.
  • Similarly, tap “Executive Committee” and complete the information as necessary. It is required that you supply the functionaries’ Aadhar numbers, therefore don’t forget to do so. Additionally, you can add a new member here.
  • When finished, select “Update” from the top menu and then select “EC details & others.”
  • Click Save Data at the bottom left of the page after making the necessary entries and modifications.
  • Then, select “Bank Detail” from the top menu, open it, and complete it as necessary. When you were through with the adjustments, click “Upload Data” on the following screen.
  • Apply the same procedures to the “Utilization Account” (found in the top menu) before tapping “Save Data.”
  • Select “Upload Doc” from the main option after that. The accompanying documents needed to be uploaded here.
  • The Chief Functionary’s signature
  • Trust Deed/MOA with the Association’s Seal
  • A certified copy of FCRA registration.
  • Click “Final Submit” from the top menu after submitting the papers mentioned above to indicate your agreement with the declaration. Don’t forget to include the time and location as well. When finished, select “Final Submit” from the menu in the bottom left corner of the page.
  • Finally, submit the renewal fees by selecting the Payment button from the top menu.

Essentials to be considered for the Renewal Procedure of FCRA Registration

There are certain points that have to keep in mind while going through the Renewal Procedure of FCRA Registration:- 

  • Because it has been recommended that any changes to members be reported using Form FC-6E, the ability to add a new member is also accessible in Form FC-3C, which was recently provided by the FCRA organization.
  • Every person, NGO, or association with an FCRA certificate of registration or prior permission under Section 12 of the Act is required to open an “FCRA Account” at a designated State Bank of India (SBI) branch in New Delhi, as per the amended Foreign Contribution (Regulation) Act, 2010, which governs foreign contributions.
  • During the FCRA registration renewal process, be careful to upload the document in the appropriate size and format.
  • The applicant must stay within the following size restrictions for the papers, per the site.
  • Signature of the chief functionary, with a maximum image size of 50 kb and a jpeg format.
  • The maximum image size for the Association’s seal is 100 kb, and its format is jpeg.
  • The maximum image size for a trust deed or memorandum of agreement is 5 MB.
  • The maximum picture size is 3 MB, and the format is Pdf. Copy of FCRA registration certification
  • It’s important to keep in mind that this is a requirement, and any infringement could result in legal action.


For Section 8 and NGO firms incorporated under the 2013 Companies Act, FCRA registration is essential. Receiving foreign donations continually is the goal of the FCRA registration renewal process. The former FCRA of 1976 has been repealed and amended into the Act to control them. It is now required to renew the registration certificate after every five years under the 2011 FCRA Act. The application that has been made for the renewal of the registration certificate must be accompanied by Rs.500 in fees. A demand draught or banker’s check made out to the “Pay and Accounts Officer, Ministry of Home Affairs,” payable in New Delhi, must be used to pay the renewal fees for the Certificate of registration. Without hesitation, get in touch with BizAdvisors.io partners if you experience any problems when doing the same.

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