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PSARA License in Delhi: Step by Step Procedure

Step by Step Procedure

Operating a private security firm requires a PSARA License in Delhi. These private security companies offer different enterprises across the nation other protection services in addition to deploying experienced security personnel. The Private Security Agencies Regulation Act is the law that governs these security companies.  Security guards are the equivalent of superheroes in our culture because predators and crooks have taken over. India has a sufficient number of police officers, but the government emphasizes the necessity for private security firms. Thus, the Private Security Agency (Regulation) Act, 2005, which formerly regulated the activities of security services firms, is now released. It makes it possible for these businesses to operate within the law. Therefore, everyone who wishes to start a security business must first obtain a PSARA License in Delhi. In this article, we will discuss the procedure of the PSARA License in Delhi. 

What does PSARA License Mean?

A regulatory authority that oversees the activities of Private Security Agencies (PSA) in India is the Private Security Agencies Regulation Act or PSARA for short. Obtaining a PSARA License is the first step in starting a security services business because it covers all the important requirements, from formation to disqualification. Thus, PSARA protects the interests of security organizations that offer services to security guards, such as training.

The Procedure for a PSARA License in Delhi

Follow the steps given below to get the PSARA License in Delhi- 

  1. Organize all the Required Paperwork.

To ensure speedy and efficient processing of the application, which will speed up the process of getting the license, the required documents must be gathered and arranged appropriately. The list of such documents is given below- 

  • The Company Incorporation Certificate
  • Identity documentation for all directors and employees
  • Verification of your registered office’s address
  • A Memorandum of Association (MOA) was signed with a recognized training facility.
  • Records for the security guard
  • Your security agency’s logo
  • Registration for ESI and PF (Provident Fund)
  • Two images of the promoters
  • A character reference report for every employee
  • Certification of registration under the Shops and Establishments Act
  • A copy of each director’s ITR is also provided.
  • PAN card of the sponsors
  • Obtaining a registration from the service tax department
  • Certification in accordance with the Contractual Labor Act;
  • Attestation of the security education
  • Licensed by force
  • A PSARA-issued affidavit is a final option.

To prevent any discrepancies, the documents referring to the numerous registrations, as well as the information on the promoters and directors, must be crystal clear and in a manner that is easy to read. Once the necessary paperwork is in hand, the application can be submitted online. The process can be completed quickly and easily on the online portal itself thanks to the availability of the e-signing feature.

  1. MOU with a Training Institute

The list of training facilities that qualify will be visible on the official government PSARA website home page[1]. To be able to train its recruits, the applicant must sign into a MOU with a training institute.

A company that offers training will be more appealing and be able to point to high-calibre staff. Ex-servicemen are granted some latitude and exemptions with regard to the agency’s training requirements.

  1. Filing of the Application

After completing the aforementioned processes, the applicant must submit Form-I, an application for a PSARA License, to the appropriate state authorities. The application should also include Form-II so that its antecedents can be verified. Form-I and an affidavit in Form-III must be submitted together.

  1. Verification by Police 

The following step in the procedure is police verification. Form-I will be filed after this verification is completed. The individual directors will need to go to the police for verification in cases where the agency is a partnership or corporation.

  1. Obtaining a PSARA License

The authority will review the application in cases when it is accompanied by a No Objection Certificate (NOC) from the police following verification before deciding whether to award the PSARA License in Form-IV or deny it, depending on the circumstances.


The following amounts are required in order to obtain a PSARA Licence in Delhi for PSAs working in different locations- 

  • PSAs that operate in a single district cost INR 5000
  • For PSAs running in two districts, 10000 INR
  • For PSAs running throughout the entire state, 25000 INR

Renewal of License in Delhi 

One can renew a PSARA License in Delhi by submitting an application to the regulating authority at least 45 days before the license expires, together with the required paperwork and the required money. In addition, the controlling body will issue a license renewal order within 30 days of the application’s receipt date.

Penalties for not having a Valid PSARA License in Delhi

Any person who does not have a current license in accordance with PSARA may be punished with up to one year in prison, a fine of up to 25,000 rupees, or a combination of the two. As a result, in order to conduct business throughout India, all private security services are required to get licenses under PSARA 2005.


One may say that a Private Security Agency receives a variety of extra benefits from holding a PSARA Licence in Delhi. Therefore, you need to obtain a PSARA License if you want to launch a security services business in Delhi. BizAdvisors.io can help you obtain the license more quickly; just contact us. Additionally, you will receive complete answers from our professionals regarding PSARA License in Delhi if you took our service related to the same.

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