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Procedure for Getting Online FSSAI State License in India

Procedure for Getting Online FSSAI State License in India

As established by the Ministry Of Health And Family Welfare, the Food Safety and Standard Authority of India provides for food business operators to have their business mandatorily registered and obtain an FSSAI License. An FSSAI License has been divided into three categories, center, state and basic license depending on the workings of the food business.  An Online FSSAI State License is to be opted by food business operators dealing with small to medium-sized manufacturing units, storage, transporters, retailers, marketers, distributors, etc. The article briefs about the procedure and other essentials that has to be followed in order to obtain an Online FSSAI State License in India.

What is FSSAI License?

Permission taken by the government for the manufacturing, selling, processing, distribution, and sale of the food products in the market is known as FSSAI License. After the registration or licensing, a 14-digit number has been provided. It will be printed on all the food packages. This number will provide all the details of the assembling state and producer’s permit.

What is FSSAI State License?

Food Business Owners, whose business is manufacturing, processing, distribution, and selling of food products within the territory of a particular state, need FSSAI State License to run such business. State Food License must be renewed every five years because it is not a one-time license. It can be canceled at any time if any activity against the norms of government is found. After the registration or licensing, a 14-digit number has been given which needs to be printed on all the food packages. This number will provide all the details of the producer’s permit. State Food License is basically for medium business owners. 

Who has to take Online FSSAI State License?

Every food business operator, including hawkers, petty shopkeepers, and others, with annual revenue of up to 12 lacks is required to register with the FSSAI. To be more specific and detailed, any company or anyone who works with food ingredients in any capacity, from manufacturing to serving, must obtain the Basic FSSAI Registration. If a food business falls under any of the following categories, a Basic FSSAI Registration is required- 

  • Restaurant, Club, and Dhaba business owners.
  • Distributors, Manufacturers, Wholesalers, and Hawkers.
  • Retailers, Suppliers, and Marketers.
  • Food Processors.
  • Canteen Owners.
  • Transporters of the food

Procedure for Getting Online FSSAI State License in India

Follow the steps given below to get FSSAI License in India- 

Step-1: Filing of a duly filled application Form B accompanied with the necessary documents. The applicant food business operator has got to fill the appliance form B with the specified documents and costs. A Unique Application Reference Number is provided to the applicant.

Step 2: Submission of the form is done through the online FoSCoS portal along with the standard fees. The applicant is to submit all required necessary documents along with the form through the online FSSAI portal.

Step 3: Examination of application and the documents attached by FSSAI’s officials. All submitted documents are undergone an in-depth examination process by the officials under FSSAI.

Step 4: If found necessary, the authorized officials from FSSAI may conduct an on-site inspection to determine the compliance level at the business premises. 

Step 5: Grant of State FSSAI License. The grant of an Online FSSAI State License in India depends upon the satisfaction of the FSSAI officials and the application may be rejected or revoked if the authority thinks suited.

If on submission of documents and form, no responses are provided to the applicant after any stage, then the FBO may start the business after 60 days. In case, if an improvement notice or suspension notice or cancellation notice is issued to the applicant, then a fresh application has got to be processed after 90 days.

Penalty for not complying with FSSAI’s norms 

Non-compliance with any of the norms and guidelines provided by the FSSAI, may result in severe consequences. As per the Food Safety and Standard Act, 2006[1], an establishment is liable to experience penalties if there are any discrepancies found during an audit. It may be as follows:

  • Food quality breaches the compliance given in the act – 2 Lakh penalty
  • Petty manufacturer – 25,000/- penalty
  • Sub-standard food – 5 Lakh penalty
  • Misbranded Food – 3 Lakh penalty
  • Falsified advertisement or invalid description – 10 Lakh penalty
  • Inappropriate matter in food – 1 Lakh penalty
  • Manifesting non-corporation with Food safety officer direction – 2 Lakh penalty
  • Unhygienic processing or manufacturing of product – 1 Lakh penalty


An Online FSSAI State License in India issued under the FSSAI act, regulates and structures the manufacturing, distribution, storage, import, export, etc. it is important that one follow the guidelines provided and complying with them.  A simple process of gaining authenticity and quality of products, the Online FSSAI State License is mandatory for all food business operators. The process to have access to the manufacturing, storage, distribution, etc. of food may be a simple process but may get complicated at time. To gather anymore details or clarify any queries regarding an Online FSSAI State License in India, you can contact Bizadvisors.

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