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How to Obtain a Wine Shop License in India: A Complete Guide

How to Obtain a Wine Shop License in India

Obtaining a Liquor Licence is the first step towards the selling of alcohol in India. Alcohol is sold in bars, hotels, restaurants, clubs, pubs, discos and many more places in India. Therefore, with the perspective of public health, and many other reasons, you must need to obtain a Liquor License in case you want to open any business related to selling of alcoholic beverages. Without such a license, selling alcoholic beverages is forbidden, illegal, and punishable by law. Because of this, businesses are required by law to obtain a Wine Shop License in India. If you have any plan to start wine shop in India continue reading this blog will definitely help you. 

What is governed by the Wine Shop License in India?

The following elements are governed by a Wine Shop License in India or standard liquor license-

  • Who is permitted to sell alcohol?
  • When and locations where businesses may sell alcohol
  • The volume of alcohol sold
  • Costs associated with the sale of alcohol
  • Type of alcohol sold
  • Who can produce and distribute alcohol?
  • Who is allowed to sell alcohol?

Things to Consider While Applying for a Wine Shop License in India

Each state has its own alcohol laws because the production, sale, and consumption of alcohol are all state-list concerns under the seventh schedule. The legal drinking age varies by location because state rules on the sale and consumption of alcohol vary. Recently, the Delhi Excise Department requested that the legal drinking age for beer and wine be lowered from 25 to 21. However, the age restriction for drinking strong liquor will still be 25.  

While it is required by law that people in Maharashtra obtain a license from a Government Civil Hospital before they can consume alcohol, this is not upheld. Furthermore, district councils have the authority to completely outlaw alcohol thanks to state legislation. As a result, the sale and manufacturing of alcohol are prohibited in Chandrapur, Wardha, and Gadchiroli. The following are a few of India’s most significant laws governing the sale of alcohol- 

  • Delhi Excise Act, 2009
  • Delhi Excise Rules, 2010
  • Bombay Prohibition Act, 1949
  • Goa Excise Duty Act and Rules, 1964
  • Tamil Nadu Liquor Rules, 1981
  • UP – United Provinces Excise Act, 1910
  • Bengal Excise Act, 1909
  • Punjab Excise Act, 1914
  • Karnataka Excise Act, 1965

After one year from the date of issuance, a liquor license must be renewed annually through renewal applications. All such applications must be submitted by businesses 30 days before the license’s expiration. The following circumstances may lead to the revocation of a Liquor License-

  • alcohol on days that the government has proclaimed to be dry
  • serves alcohol to children
  • violates the State Excise Department’s regulations

Documents Required to get a Wine Shop License in India

Here is a broad list of the paperwork you will need to obtain a Wine Shop Licence in India, while each state has its own specific requirements.

  • Applicant’s Identity Proof
  • Applicant’s Address proof
  • Address proof of the premise/business
  • Municipal corporation’s and Fire Department’s NOC
  • Application with personal and business details
  • MOA[1] and AOA for companies
  • Latest ITR copy
  • Applicant’s photograph
  • Affidavit ensuring applicant has no past criminal records
  • An affidavit confirming the applicant has no pending dues


It is important to speak with a lawyer before submitting an application for a license because each state has different regulations surrounding the sale and consumption of alcohol. Follow the steps given below to get the Wine Shop License in India- 

  • You must first decide what kind or category of license you require.
  • The State Excise Department’s official website must then be visited.
  • Download an application for a Wine Shop License from the website.
  • Completely fill out the form with the necessary information, including the type of alcohol, the location of the business, the type of license, and your background.
  • Next, deliver the form to the appropriate authority together with the required supporting documentation.
  • At the time of submission, you will also need to pay the required application cost.
  • The state authority may also ask you for additional information if necessary, but it won’t cross-check and verifies all the information you provide.
  • Following verification, you will receive a notice including your license’s specifics at your place of business or home address. Localities are welcome to object to the notice that has been displayed.
  • If a challenge is made, you will have to justify your right to open a Wine Shop; otherwise, you will be granted a liquor license.


It is now clear that getting a Wine Shop License in India carries a host of legal repercussions. Serious repercussions are in store for those who are accused of violating the State Excise Department’s standards. As a result, if you want to launch a firm that sells alcohol, be ready to abide by countless rules. It is always suggested to take expert advice while taking Wine Shop License in India. Although there are lot of advisors in the market, we suggest you to take advice from Bizadvisor.io. They are very experienced and professional in their work.

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