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How to Get Online FSSAI Central License in India – A Complete Procedure

How to Get Online FSSAI Central License in India - A Complete Procedure

A self-regulating body, looking after the production, distribution and other related matters involving the Food Business Operators was established by the Ministry of Health & Family Welfare. This self-regulating body was called the Food Safety and Standards Authority of India. This provides for the businesses to obtain either a basic, a state or a central license to work in this sector. The FSSAI Central License in India covers the major business with central importance. in this write up our focus is on how to get online FSSAI Central License in India. 

FSSAI Central License in India

Regulating the Food Business Operators like importers, export-oriented units, manufacturers, operators in Central Govt. agencies, airports, seaports, etc., the Food Safety and Standards Authority of India provides them an online Central FSSAI License to support their business.  Issuance of FSSAI Central license in India, can be done through the online system.According to the FSS Regulations, 2011, Central License is issued by the FSSAI Regional Offices operating across the nation.

Food Safety and Standards Authority of India (FSSAI) lays down the outlines for food business operators labeled as different businesses. Depending upon their businesses and premise, different food business operators are provided with different licenses. 

Documents for Central FSSAI License in India

Following are the documents which are necessary for the FSSAI License in India- 

  • A diligently filled Form B.
  • Details about the name, address, contact details, photo ID, etc. of members such as Proprietor, Partner, and Directors.  
  • Authority letter mentioning the authorized person of the business.
  • Ownership deed of the premise, or a rental agreement in case of a rented establishment.
  • Clarification about the type of business- either Incorporation Certificate, LLP Agreement or Partnership Deed.
  • A blueprint of the architecture of the processing unit to be used for the purpose, detailing the dimensions and specifications of the operational areas.
  • Information related to all the plants and machinery that would be required by them.
  • Information related to food products to be manufactured.
  • Proposed Food Safety Management Plan.
  • Information related to sources of raw materials.
  • Pesticide and chemical analysis report of water to be used as an ingredient in a food.
  • No objection certificate issued by FSSAI.
  • Measures and management plans adopted in relation to food safety.
  • Duly attached Form IX by FSSAI.
  • Certificate from Ministry of Tourism (HRACC).
  • No Objection Certificate issued by the product manufacturer.
  • Copy of certificate as per the Coop Act 1861/Multi-state Coop Act 2002.
  • Ministry Of Commerce certificate for 100% EOU.
  • No Objection Certificate to be obtained from the municipal and local authorities.
  • Import Exporter code issued by the DGFT.
  • Proof of transportation with self-declaration of the number of vehicles.
  • Declaration form


Following are the specifications regarding eligibility for FSSAI Central License in India- 

Manufacturers involved in

  • Production of more than 50,000 liters of liquid milk per day Or 2500 MT of milk solid per year by dairy units including milk chilling units equipped to handle,
  • Vegetable oil processing units and units producing more than 2 MT of vegetable oil per day,
  • Slaughtering units involved large animals – more than 50 per day, small animals – 150 or more per day and poultry birds – 1000 or more per day,
  • Meat processing of more than 500 kg of meat per day Or 150 MT per annum,
  • All food processing units including re-labeling & repacking producing more than 2 MT per day except grains are and pulses milling units,
  • Every Proprietary food and 100% Export Oriented Units are eligible for application under FSSAI Central License in India.


  • All importers importing food items including food ingredients and additives for commercial use are eligible for application under FSSAI Central License in India.

Other businesses eligible for are eligible for applications under FSSAI Central License in India.

  • Storage, be it with a cold and controlled Atmosphere or without, with different capacities,
  • Wholesaler, Retailer, Distributor, Supplier, Caterer, Restaurant, Marketer with turnover greater than 20 crores, 
  • Hotels with five stars & above,
  • Transporter having more than 100 vehicles or turnover greater than 30 crores are eligible for application under FSSAI Central License in India.

There are also premises in Central Government such as

  • Establishments and units under Central Government Agencies like Defence locations etc. having premises of Food Catering services,
  • Storage, Wholesaler, Retailer, and Distributor on premises of Central Government Agencies that are eligible for application under FSSAI Central License in India.

Measures for obtaining an Online FSSAI Central License in India

Following are the measures for obtainting FSSAI Central License in India- 

Step 1: Visit the FSSAI License Portal[1].

Step 2: Sign up or login into the FSSAI account.

Step 3: Check for eligibility for an FSSAI Central license as a food business operator.

Step 4: Application for FSSAI Central license.

Step 5: Upload the requested documents.

Step 6: Make the necessary payment.

Step 7: Acknowledgement receipt is generated.

Upon scrutiny of the application, the acceptance or rejection is conveyed to the applicant within seven days from receiving the application. Applicants can modify, renew or verify the status of an application. The granted certificate has to be displayed by the FBOs at their place of work.

Validity of FSSAI Central License in India

The issued FSSAI Central License number is valid for a period of 1 to 5 years which needs to be renewed within 30 days prior to the expiration date. After the expiration date, it has to be renewed at a penalty rate of Rs 100 per day till the day the renewal application is filed.


FSSAI Central License marking the authenticity of products and security of the business. Required by all Food Business Operators, the license looking after the production and management of produces, provides for a secure business. This simple process of obtaining a Central Food License in India may get complicated at times, and this is where we come in. you can contact Bizadvisors in case you need any help.

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