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How to Get Copyright Registration in India: A Complete Overview

How to Get Copyright Registration in India

Copyright protects the original work and it is an exclusive right of authorization. A variety of novel concepts, intellectual properties, scholarly works, or artistic forms are protected by copyright. Once the work is acknowledged, the Copyright Registration can be demanded. Copyright holder may display their rights by using the symbol ” ©”. The work is protected for the duration of the author’s lifetime plus 60 years after the Copyright Registration in India. This article provides a complete overview of how to get Copyright Registration in India.

What is Copyright Registration in India?

As per section 14 of Copyright Act, 1957, “Copyright” means the exclusive right to do or authorize the doing of any literary, dramatic, cinematographic or musical work, not being a computer program. In short we can say that a Copyright is a lawful right not to duplicate crafted by somebody. A Copyright Registration in India gives the proprietor of the work a selective directly over his/her work. On the off chance that any work is ensured by Copyright Registration in India, nobody can copy, replicate, or duplicate the first work of the copyright proprietor in some other manner. A term of copyright in India is of 60 years.

Works that can get Copyright Registration  

The protection of Copyright Registration in India keeps the author safe from Copyright Infringement. The following works are eligible for Copyright Registration in India-  

  • Film for cinematography
  • The author’s books and novels
  • Recordings of music and sound
  • Work involving the arts, such as paintings, photos, etc.
  • The written word
  • Computer software and programs
  • Creation of a website
  • Radio and television broadcasts

Procedure to get Copyright Registration in India

The following procedure for Copyright Registration is mentioned in Chapter X of the Indian Copyright Act of 1957[1] and Rule 70 of the Copyright Rules of 2013-

  1. Application 

The application is submitted by the author of the work, a copyright claimant, the holder of an exclusive right to the work, or an authorized agent in person at the Copyrights office, by speed/registered mail, or electronically through the facility provided on the official website. Each work must have its own application submitted to the registrar, together with information on the work, in order to be registered. Additionally, the required cost must be paid. The fee for each type of work varies.

  1. Examination 

An application is given a diary number after it is submitted. An obligatory 30-day waiting period is stipulated, during which time “No Objection” must be filed in opposition to the author’s claim. It could take another month if an objection is made to the copyright claim. The Registrar of Copyrights provides both parties with a chance to hear the case. The application is reviewed after the ownership decision or if the objection is dismissed. In the event that a difference is discovered, the applicant has 30 days to correct it.

  1. Registration 

If the Copyright Registrar is totally satisfied with the accuracy and completeness of the claim stated in the application after receiving additional documents, he will enter the copyright’s specifics in the register of copyrights and thereafter issue a Certificate of Registration. When the applicant receives a copy of the entries made in the Register of Copyrights, registration is considered to be complete.


The following documents must be submitted for Copyright Registration in India, although these are not exhaustive in nature- 

  • Voter identification, a passport, 
  • PAN Card or Aadhar Card 
  • If the composer and the applicant are two different people, a NOC must be provided.
  • Power of attorney
  • Original composition’s Xerox copy in JPG format
  • An accompanying CD or DVD is needed if the work refers to software or a website.


Although “Copyright Registration” appears to be a straightforward concept, it is actually a tricky procedure. We will make registering your copyright work simple. Interpret upholds the principles of promptness, care for the little things, and integrity in business practices. You have a vested interest in ensuring the strongest protection for your intellectual property. Take professional help for Copyright Registration in India with professional at Bizadvisors.io.

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