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How to Get Company Registration Certificate in India

How to Get Company Registration Certificate in India

A Company Registration Certificate is also known as a Certificate of Incorporation (COI) or Letter of Incorporation. Upon successful completion of the registration process, the MCA issues a legal document or certificate to the Indian company. It attests to the company’s registration with the Registrar of Companies. There was a period when establishing a corporation required a great amount of work and time. Thankfully, registering a corporation has been simple in recent years, with the ability to complete the entire documentation process online. What is a Company Registration Certificate in India and how to get one through the Ministry of Corporate Affairs will be discussed in this blog thoroughly. 

What is Company Registration Certificate?

Company Registration Certificate is a legal document which is given or provided by Ministry of Corporate Affairs once the applicant completed the process of Company Registration with the mentioned ministry. It is basically a proof that one’s company is registered with the Registrar of Company. It is a mandatory document which one needs, while the formation of the company. This provides government recoganization to the business which one wants to form. There are different types of businesses, which are mentioned below, all of them need Company Registration Certificate without this certificate your company’s compliances are not completed, hence it is always suggested to get this Company Registration Certificate. 

Different Types of Company Registration in India

There are generally six different types of businesses that found in India, each of which has its own registration requirements, paperwork, and commercial components. Such businesses are given below-

  1. Sole Proprietorship
  2. Partnership Firm
  3. LLP ( Limited Liability Partnership )
  4. Private Limited Company 
  5. Public Limited Company 
  6. One Person Company 

The Procedure to get Company Registration Certificate in India

There are many kinds of businesses or startups which are present in the market. All such businesses or startups need Company Registration Certificate from the MCA. It is mandatory for them to get this certificate. Although to get this certificate is not that tough, one needs to have some guidance. There are four crucial steps for make up the process of acquiring a Company Registration Certificate, and they are given below-

  1. Creating an Account for a Business on the MCA Website

Create a new account on the MCA’s official website. One could create a new account and utilize it for any future transactions, such as paying fees online or becoming a registered business user. The process of opening a new account is simple and cost-free.

  1. Application for DIN i.e. Director Identification Number

After following the above step now you must file an application to obtain the DIN of each designated individual who plans to join the company as a designated member. 

Furthermore, the application for the assignment of a DIN must be submitted using Form DIR-3. The required paperwork must then be scanned and added to the form (often Aadhaar and PAN). The application must be signed by the managing director, chief financial officer, or chief executive officer of the existing company where the applicant will be nominated as a director, or by a company secretary who is employed full-time by the business.

  1. Acquiring a DSC 

Before starting the registration process, the new company must first apply for digital signatures[1] for its chosen members. This is because all documents used to register a corporation must be digitally signed and filed online.

The chosen members must therefore obtain their digital signature certificates from a certifying authority that has received government approval. The price of obtaining DSC also differs according to the certification authority. A DSC in either the class 2 or class 3 categories is also required.

  1. Applying for Company Registration Certificate

This is the final and most important step in the registration process, and it entails giving the company’s name, address, and details about its directors, manager, and secretary. Additional information can also be needed, for the distribution of business shares.


As indicated at the beginning, a Company Registration Certificate is as important as person’s Birth Certificate. It acts as proof of its existence in court. When a company or business is registered, this legal document is necessary. According to the rules and legislation set forth by the Ministry of Corporate Affairs, our government has made it very simple and quick to complete the process of registering a new business within a short period of time. Let our staff help you get off to a successful start. In case you want to start a new business which needs Company Registration Certificate you can reach an expert for the registration of such certificate at Bizadvisors.io.

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