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How to Apply for a Wholesale Drug License in India – A Complete Process

How to Apply for a Wholesale Drug License in India

The drugs business in India is booming day-to-day. There are many types of Drug Licenses; Wholesale Drug License in India is one of them. To ensure consumer safety, the government continues to change policies, which also help streamline processes. To start manufacturing drugs, the main procedure is to obtain a Drug License from the relevant authorities. The Drugs and Cosmetics Act 1940 governs obtaining a license to manufacture drugs in India. Anyone interested in obtaining a license from the Food and Drug Safety Administration must submit the appropriate forms to the State Licensing Authority. 

Schedule C of the Drugs and Cosmetics Act 1945 covers the application for and grant Wholesale Drug License in India. The general approval process takes 1 month for approval. Approval is dependent on the Drug Inspector’s review and the report you provide to the licensing authority. Approval is granted based on the type of business, for example a retail pharmacy will require forms 20 and 21 (allopathic), while Ayurveda Pharmacy requires Form 20C. Forms 20B and 21B must be purchased for Wholesale Drug License in India  and Form 20G is required for Schedule X drugs. 

What is Wholesale Drug License?

As per the understanding of common man Wholesale Drug License in India is a kind of permission given by government to do the business of drugs in wholesale in the respective market. Wholesale Drug License in India is given to keep eye on the activities of the business man, so that he or she cannot do anything which is illegal or against the safety and security of the public health. Drugs market is developing with great pace day-to-day, so as the corruption, hence to curve the corruption and provide safety to the public health Wholesale Drug License in India has been provided by the government to those who wants to do business related to drugs in wholesale. 

The Process of Wholesale Drug License in India

The Wholesale Drug License in India is issued by the State Licensing Authority. The lengthy process will take 30 to 60 days to finish. To obtain a Wholesale Drug License from the state licencing authorities of any Indian state, the following procedures must be followed-

Step 1: Finding a pharmacist for their business who will serve as the technical person for the firm is the first stage in the licence application process. At the company, the pharmacist is in charge of all technical activities. 

Step 2: Before completing the application, all required paperwork must be organised. The following documents are included in the document set to get the Wholesale Drug License in India- Two applications were submitted using Form 19. 

  • Challan payments for the licence have been paid. 
  • Form of Declaration. 
  • Cover letter outlining the application’s goal. 
  • Property tax payment received. 
  • If the space is rented, the rental agreement. 
  • Ownership records if the building is privately held. 
  • Articles of Association (AOA) and the Memorandum of Association (MOA) (AOA), 
  • A certificate of incorporation (if the business entity is an LLP or a Company). 
  • A partnership deed is required if the entity is a partnership. 
  • The list of directors if the entity is a private limited company. 
  • Board decision. 
  • Pharmacist’s affidavit. 
  • Statement from the proprietor 
  • Certification of a qualified person or pharmacist’s qualifications. 
  • Proof of the owner’s identity. 
  • Appointment letter. 
  • Confirmation that there is room to store things like refrigerators and air conditioners that must be kept at low temperatures. 
  • Photograph of the pharmacist, business owner, or competent individual. 

Step 3: Once all the required paperwork for Wholesale Drug License in India is in order, an online account needs to be set up on the state drug and food authority’s official website. In order to generate login credentials for the applicant’s company during the account creation procedure, certain basic information must be provided by the application. 

Step 4: After registering with the Food and Drug Authority, the applicant’s entity must first register its pharmacist with the department and create the pharmacist’s specific reference number. When submitting an application, the same number will be utilised. 

Step 5: Filling out the online application for Wholesale Drug License in India is the next step on the portal after registering the pharmacist. All essential information and documents must be posted to the portal in their appropriate fields. The application must contain information about the applicant and the company, and all required papers must be uploaded. 

Step 6: Using the specific reference ID, map the registered pharmacist in the application. This is the most important step in the application filling process. The application can be processed for the last step if the pharmacist has been correctly mapped in it. 

Step 7: The last step of filling out an application is submitting it to the department and paying the associated fees over it in accordance with the rules. The applicant receives an acknowledgment or an online application after the fees are paid and the application is submitted to the department, which can be used as a reference in the future. 

Step 8: The application is reviewed by department authorities after it has been submitted and all required costs have been paid. If any discrepancies or questions are discovered, the department posts a concern online and requests a response within a certain amount of time that addresses the matter. 

Step 9: Following the department’s approval of the online application and the acceptable resolution of all queries. The drug inspector conducts an on-site inspection at the location where business operations are taking place. He makes sure all the firm details are exactly the same as those provided online in the application. In addition, he verifies the pharmacist’s competency and determines whether he has the necessary knowledge. 

Once the inspector is happy with the inspection and the applicant has successfully completed all checkpoints, the inspection is complete. The DI forwards the application for a grant of license.

Step 10: The DLA (Drug Licensing Authority) completes the Wholesale Drug License in India, on the name of the firm after a positive inspection. Only after receiving the final licence may the applicant begin his or her business operations. If the license’s terms and conditions are broken, there will be severe penalties, including jail time. 


Drugs and medications are vital goods that everyone needs now and then. The government has established a rigorous application process to obtain a Wholesale Drug License in India, because it is directly related with the public health. In India, starting a wholesale medicine business is not particularly difficult, but one still needs to get ready for it. The procedure of acquiring a Wholesale Drug Licence in India requires the completion of all formalities. This guarantees that the Wholesale Drug License in India follows all rules and regulations made by the government. The requirements and regulations of the Drugs and Cosmetics Act, 1940[1] must be followed in order to apply for a Wholesale Drug License in India. The provisions make a guarantee that a qualified and competent individual operates the drug business. In the event that you are confused, it is advised to get professional assistance for a Wholesale Drug Licence in India. However, you can contact Bizadvisors.io. because they have a great team of professionals who can assist you in obtaining a Wholesale Drug Licence.

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