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A Complete Overview of GST Registration in Telangana

A Complete Overview of GST Registration in Telangana

First, rooted sixteen years back, the idea of a Goods and Services Tax (GST) for India is supervised by a GST Council to maintain harmony between the GST aspects of the state and center.  Replacing other bulk indirect taxes, Goods and Services Tax was introduced as an integrated form of multiple indirect taxes. With all State Legislatures having passed their respective State Goods and Services Tax Bills, each of the states has a separate registration process. The current process of GST registration falls into the directory of the state of Telangana. The official government website for Goods and Services Tax provides a detailed manual for GST registration in Telangana. 

Benefits of GST Registration

The benefits of GST registration in Telangana are given following- 

1. Taxation Services are streamlined

2. Costs of goods and services are being reduced.

3. Allows you to avoid lengthy tax services

4. Designed to reduce fraud and sales without receipts 

5. Taxation Process Uniformity

6. Keeping Tax Evasion to a Minimum

7. Registration Requires a Higher Bar

8. Online Procedure That Is Simple and Easy

9. The Number of Compliances is decreasing

10. Unorganized Sector Regulations

GST Registration in Telangana

The threshold for GST registration in Telangana is given in this paragraph. In the GST Regime, service providers whose turnover exceeds the sum of Rs.20 lakhs are required to register as normal taxable persons. The process of being registered as a taxable person is called GST registration. 

Who is to undergo GST registration in Telangana?

For certain businesses, registration under GST is mandatory; entities engaging in sums exceeding Rs.40 lakhs are mandatorily required to get their GST registration. Entities involved in interstate transactions or services through e-commerce platforms or providing temporary services are required to have their businesses registered. 

Time limit 

This GST registration certificate has no validity period and only expires on their cancellation. Entities qualifying for registration are required to file for GST application within 30 days from the date on which the entity became liable for registration under GST. 

Need for GST Registration in the state of Telangana

The resolve of having an entity registered with the tax authorities implies obtaining a unique, 15-digit Goods and Service Tax Identification Number (GSTIN) from the GST authorities. It collects and corresponds to all the data and operations related to the business. 

Today, with everything being digitalized, GST registration is an effortless task. The official government website Goods and Services Tax (https://services.gst.gov.in/), provides the services related to 

  • Registration
  • Payments
  • User Services
  • Track Application Status

Every registered taxpayer is required to register themselves as per the procedure. One can register with GST as a Normal Taxpayer/ Composition/ Casual Taxable Person/ Input Service Distributor/ SEZ Developer/ SEZ Unit/ Tax Detector at Source or Tax Collector at Source.

Documents required 

Following are the basic documents required for the GST Registration in Telangana- 

  • Photographs of the Applicant 
  • Details and Principal place of the business
  • Business address proof
  • HSN Code of the business
  • Bank details of the GST Applicant
  • Authorization form
  • The constitution of the taxpayer

Steps to be taken for GST registration in Telangana

Step 1: Taxpayers need to visit on GST Registration Portal by Using the Following link https://www.gst.gov.in/

Step 2: Clicking on the Services option, the taxpayer finds a Registration option. Now the customer can opt for a New Registration, Track Application Status, or submit an Application for Filing Clarifications. Application form for new registration of GST has been divided into two parts that is part-A and Part-B. Part A is the Credential Verification process where a Temporary Reference Number (TRN) is provided to fill the second part that is, Part B of the form. 

Step 3: The taxpayer needs to fill the following in Part A – 

Select the new registration button. 

Select taxpayers as what to be registered.

Select “Telangana” as State and next to the appropriate District. 

Enter the legal name of the business. 

Enter Permanent Account Number (PAN), E-mail Address and Mobile Number.

Step 4: Further proceed by entering the CAPTCHA code mentioned. Enter the OTP sent to the provided Email Address and Mobile Number and proceed further.

Step 5: A system-generated 15-digit Temporary Reference Number(TRN) will be sent to the registered email and mobile. The TRN will be needed to complete filling the part-B details within the next 15-days. 

Step 6: The taxpayer revisits the GST portal and selects the Temporary Reference Number (TRN) option through the New Registration tab.

Step 7: Entering the provided TRN and the mentioned CAPTCHA, the user will be provided with an OTP.

Step 8: The final step for Part A is through entering the OTP Verification Code sent to the provided Email Address and Mobile Number.

Step 9: The next page reflects the status on the application. Selecting the edit option, Part B of the form can be seen.

Step 10: Part-B has 10 sections where all relevant details and supporting documents are to be submitted.  

Step 11: All tabs regarding the following details are to be filled –

  • Business Details, 
    • Promoter/ Partners, 
    • Authorized Signatory, 
    • Authorized Representative, 
    • Principal Place of Business, 
    • Additional Place of Business, 
    • Goods and Services, 
    • State Specific Information, 
    • Aadhaar Authentication. 

Step 12: Final step is to submit the form through the verification section. The user is required to check on the declaration and submit the application using – 

  • Electronic Verification Code (EVC).
  • By e-Sign method.
  • In the case of LLP and Companies, the application must be submitted by using the Digital Signature Certificate (DSC)

Step-13: Completion of registration: A successful completion message is shown on the screen. Application Reference Number (ARN) is sent to the registered mobile number and email ID of the GST Applicant.


GST Registration in Telangana is very important to the business owners who are doing business in the state of Telangana. It is a mandatory compliance for any business. It basically depends on the turnover of the business. To obtain GST Registration in Telangana is not easy hence need expert help for obtaining the same. You can contact Bizadvisors for the same purpose. There team of experts will help you.

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