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How to Get GST Registration in Bihar?

How to Get GST Registration in Bihar

In India, Bihar is the eighth-largest producer of fruits and the fourth-largest producer of vegetables. The state is the best location for building enterprises because it has a large pool of affordable industrial workers. Healthcare, manufacturing, sugar, dairy products, and food processing are just a handful of Bihar’s fast-paced businesses. That’s why GST Registration in the same state is important.

The largest tax reform in the nation, which boosted the taxpayer base while simultaneously enhancing company efficiency, gave rise to the GST. Thousands of small businesses in Bihar have registered for the GST, creating a single, unified tax system. The complexity of taxes has significantly decreased in Bihar since the implementation of GST. As a result of the GST, several tax laws have been eliminated and replaced with a single tax system.

What is GST?

GST which stands for Goods and Services Tax was implemented in India with the goal of eliminating various indirect taxes like exercise duty tax, service tax, purchase tax, etc. It established a single taxation structure for the whole of India. GST will be applied to both products and services, as part of a dual system of GST that separates the duties of the federal and state governments. The GST Council will be chaired by the Union Finance Minister and would include representatives from various state finance departments. GST also facilitates the collection and improves the efficiency of the process. Before GST central and state government has different kinds of taxes but now for the whole of India, there is just one tax which is GST. 

Documents required for GST Registration in Bihar 

Depending on the type of business, the following documents are required for GST Registration in Bihar-

1. Individual/Single-Ownership

  • A photograph of the owner
  • PAN card,
  • Aadhar card (in JPEG format, with a maximum file size of 100 KB)
  • Information about your bank account
  • Address verification

2. About a Limited Liability Partnership (LLP)

  • Proof of the partners’ identities,
  • Addresses, 
  • A copy of the partnership agreement
  • A picture of the two partners is all required.
  • Photographs of authorized signatures.
  • The person’s identification and proof of address, as verified by the partners.
  • Affidavit of Appointment of Authorized Signatory
  • Information about your bank account; 
  • Documentation proving your primary place of employment

3. Regarding Business

  • PAN card of the business
  • The MOA, AOA, and certificate of establishment for the business.
  • The identity and address of the authorized signatory must be confirmed.

Note: The authorized signatory must be an Indian even if a foreign firm or branch is registered.

  • A copy of identification and/or address documentation is required for each director of the Company.
  • A picture of the board of directors as well as a signed authorization are displayed.
  • The board may designate a signatory with authority.
  • Information about your bank account.
  • Evidence that the premise is true should be addressed.

4. In the HUF

  • HUF PIN (Personal Identification Number) 
  • Information about a picture of a Karta bank account
  • Evidence that the premise is true should be addressed.

The Procedure Required for GST Registration in Bihar

Here are the processes to get GST Registration in Bihar-

  1. Filling out the online application is the initial step. For further information, go to www.Gst.Gov.In, the GST website. You must set up a username and password in the gateway.
  2. Go to the GST site and select the ‘New User Login’ page to get started. You must then select “Continue” and click on the present declaration form’s accept window to register yourself.
  3. Then select “New Registration.” The Login box will display once the declaration page has been accepted. You must log in before starting the GST registration procedure in Bihar.
  4. Complete the essential fields on the portal.
    • Click the drop-down menu and select “Taxpayer.”
    • Select the proper district and state.
    • Type the name of the business.
    • Enter the PAN for the company.

Put your email address and phone number where they go. OTPs must be active because they will be sent to the active email address and mobile number provided on the portal. After entering the supplied Captcha on the screen, select “Proceed.”

  1. The OTP that was sent to your email address and mobile phone number must now be entered into the corresponding spaces.
  2. Click the “Proceed” button once you’ve finished entering all the necessary information.
  3. Go back to the GST portal and choose “Register” under “Taxpayers.”
  4. From the drop-down option, choose “Temporary Reference Number (TRN)”.
  5. Complete the captcha and TRN fields.
  6. Click “Proceed” once you’ve completed the Captcha information.
  7. Your registered mobile number and email address will receive another OTP. Then, press the “Proceed” button after entering the OTP.
  8. You can view the status of your application on the following page. Click the Edit icon on the page’s right side.
  9. There are ten locations on the next page where you must enter all pertinent data. The necessary documentation must also be provided. The following list of papers must be uploaded-
    • Images of the applicant
    • Details about the business and its headquarters
    • Business address documentation
    • HSN code for the business
    • Details of the bank account of the GST applicant
    • Authorization type
    • The constitution of the taxpayer.
  1. Visit the ‘Verification’ page to verify the declaration. The application must then be submitted by utilizing one of the methods stated below,
    • Electronic Verification Code (EVC)-
    • Making use of the e-Sign method.
    • The application must be submitted along with a Digital Signature Certificate if the firm is registered for GST (DSC).
  1. sit on the ‘Verification’ page to verify the declaration. The application must then be submitted by utilizing one of the methods stated below,
    • Electronic Verification Code (EVC).
    • Making use of the e-Sign method.
    • The application must be submitted along with a Digital Signature Certificate if the firm is registered for GST (DSC).
  1. Once the procedure is finished, a successful completion message will show up on the screen. The Application Reference Number will be sent to the GST Applicant’s registered email address and mobile number (ARN).
  2. You can look up the ARN’s status on the GST portal[1].


GST Registration in Bihar is more than getting a 16-digit number involves more than just acquiring a 16-digit number; it also helps the government keep track of businesses and timely collect taxes from all of them. Every business in Bihar needs to apply for a GST number since it will give them advantages in the legal system. Consult a GST expert for more details on GST Registration in Bihar. You can contact us at Bizadvisors.io as well.

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