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A Complete Overview of FSSAI License in Haryana

A Complete Overview of FSSAI License in Haryana

To start any food business in India, you need FSSAI License. Similarly in Haryana same license is required to start a food business. A 14-digit license number must be printed on all food packages for all producers, traders, and distributors. The food licensing and enrolment system is a government initiative that ensures that food products have passed quality inspections and are safe to eat. This improves food business owners’ efficiency in producing high-quality food. In this article, we will discuss the complete process of the FSSAI License in Haryana. 

Advantages of FSSAI License in Haryana 

  • Consumers have a high level of trust in the safety and quality of food. 
  • It contributes to the advancement of food product innovation. 
  • It also aids in the repeal of a number of rules. 
  • It boosts business without jeopardizing customer safety or gaining a larger portion of the market. 
  • Licensing for food products should be decentralized. 
  • A one-month license is issued in a basic and straightforward manner. 
  • Small FBOs do not require permission; only enrolment is required. 
  • This statute promotes consumer safety and provides full recompense to victims in the event of harm or death. 

There is a list of prerequisites for FSSAI License in Haryana 

  • Operators of food businesses must be registered. 
  • A second Central License for Head Office is required if a Food Business Operator works in more than one state. 
  • Importers are only allowed to obtain one central license per Import Export Code location. 
  • Only one hypothesis with several types of businesses is available for registration. 
  • Furthermore, the Food Business Operator (FBO) must adhere to all applicable regulations and registration requirements. 


The Food Safety and Standards Authority of India (FSSAI) issues three types of food licenses: 

  • Central Food License  
  • State Food License  
  • Registration (Basic) 

The three licenses, on the other hand, differ in terms of the scale of development of the food business that is still being pursued. The information below pertains to the three food licences. 

There are many different types of food licenses, and the one you require is classed as a basic license if you have a turnover of less than 12, 000, 00. A State Food License is required the turnover  between Rs 12 lakh to Rs 20 crore and Central Food License is necessary for businesses with a revenue of more than Rs. 20 crores. 

What is the license number of the FSSAI? 

An FSSAI number is a 14-digit number that represents data on the food manufacturer’s license or certification designations as well as the manufacturing time. The FSSAI logo and the brand owner’s license number must be displayed on the food packaging. In the case of imported food goods, the shipper must attach a label with the FSSAI[1] emblem and license number, as well as the name and location of the importer, before customs clearance. 

Renewal of an FSSAI License in Haryana 

According to the Act, every Food Business Operator (FBO) must obtain an FSSAI License Restoration. The FBO’s license is valid for 1 to 5 years, depending on the FBO’s choice, and the FBO is obliged to renew the license at the end of the validity period. 


  • A disclosure document that certifies that all of the features listed are accurate. 
  • A letter granting permission to apply for an FSSAI Central License. 
  • Business papers are essential if you own a food plant or bases. 
  • A model of the rent agreement is required if the office space is leased property. 
  • A self-declared copy of the Food Safety Management System Plan is also required. 
  • A copy of the business community’s electric and water bills. 
  • A copy of the owner’s or manager’s Aadhar card is also required. 

Procedure for Obtaining a Food License in Haryana  

The size of the company and its location determine the FSSAI Registration or license. Whether an applicant is eligible for a license such as a central license, state licensing, registration, railways, and so on is determined by their ability or turnover. The following is the FSSAI registration procedure: 

Step 1: Fill out Form A (application) and submit it to the Department of Food and Safety. 

Step 2: Within 7 days after receiving the application, the department may accept or reject it. 

Step 3: If the application is granted, the department will provide the applicant with a registration certificate that includes a registration number and a photo. 

Step 4: The certificate of registration must be conspicuously posted at FBO’s location during business hours. 

Procedure for Renewal of Food License in Haryana. 

  • To obtain an FSSAI License renewal, an application for FSSAI License renewal must be submitted in a certain format to the pertinent central Licensing officials or the state FSSAI Licensing authority, based on the food production qualification standards. 
  • The application must be accompanied by a self-attested statement in the recommended format stating that the applicant agrees to or will submit to the Food Safety and Standards Act, Regulations, or By-Laws. It must also follow the Hygiene and Sanitary Practices criteria outlined in the FSSAI Schedule of Enrollment and Licensing Regulations, as well as the required documentation and license cost. 
  • Before authorizing renewal, FSSAI personnel will inspect the food business to ensure that it meets the safety standards and other licensing regulations. 
  • The concerned licensing officials must announce the FSSAI License renewal within 60 days. 
  • Furthermore, if an FSSAI License renewal is not published within 60 days of receiving the completed application or the candidate has not undergone any suggestion in this opinion, the candidate may begin his or her food company without waiting for further information. 


All FBOs must follow all of the rules and regulations stated on this page when seeking an FSSAI License in Haryana. Ensure that all documents and papers satisfy the standards and are genuine before applying for a license. Double-check all paperwork and papers before applying for a license. For an FSSAI license in Haryana, get advice from a professional. You can also contact a professional at bizadvisor.io.

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