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A Detailed Guide on Eating House License Renewal

A Detailed Guide on Eating House License Renewal

Restaurants, cafes, bars, and other eating establishments are abundant throughout India. Every nook and cranny of the busy streets is home to a variety of restaurants that are well known around the world for their delectable cuisine and rich flavors. Perhaps this is the motivation behind many business owners opening their own restaurants. However, the legal process for starting a restaurant is complicated and needs the right understanding. In this write-up, Eating House License Renewal will be discussed in detail. 

Eating House License is a mandatory requirement for any business whose work is serving food and drinks to the general public or public at large. Eating Food License is one of the many licenses which are required to open a food business in India. Another important thing regarding this license is that it is not a one-time license, one needs to renew it from time to time or we can say Eating House License Renewal is mandatory. Renewal of Eating House License is equally important as taking this license. 

What is Eating House? 

Before discussing an Eating Food License, one must know about Eating Houses.  Eating Houses are those places where food and drinks are served to the general public for consumption. For example restaurants, bars, food shops, lounges where food and drinks are served, dhabas, etc.  The purpose of this license is to protect the general public from adulterated food.  

Documents Needed for Eating House License Renewal

Given below is the list of all those documents which are mandatory for the Renewal-

  • List of the restaurant proprietors, partners, directors, and executive members, together with their full postal and telephone numbers.
  • Recent applicant passport size photo
  • Evidence of identification (Voter ID card or Aadhaar Card)
  • PAN card
  • Address Verification: Phone, Mobile, Electricity, or Gas Bills
  • A copy of the title deeds (if owned)
  • A copy of the lease and a letter of no objection from the landlord (if rented)
  • Partnership Agreement, Memorandum of Association, or Agreement of Association of the Firm, or, in the case of cooperatives, a copy of the Certificate issued under the Co-Operative Act, 1861
  • NOC from the municipality or other local body, or NOC from the manufacturer (in the case of a distributor).
  • A DGFT document with an E-Code (Directorate General of Foreign Trade)
  • Along with the Board Resolution, a company must submit Form IX Nomination of Persons.

Procedure for Eating House License Renewal 

The heading is clearly indicating that Eating House License is not a one-time License. From time to time License Renewal is mandatory. Its validity is different for different states. We can say that it depends from state to state. Mostly it is for three years but it is not fixed. After the expiry of the validity period, Eating House License Renewal is needed.  The process of the License Renewal is the same as applying for a new license. The step-by-step procedure for Eating House License Renewal is given below- 

1.     Filling out Form

Depending on the eligibility of the Food Operator, the form must be filled out. These are the fundamental documents that list the business operations of the food operator and that must be filled out along with a self-attested statement stating that you must abide by the rules of the Food Safety and Standard Act[1]. It is also necessary to attach a photo ID proof, such as an Aadhar card, driver’s license, voter id card, passport, etc.

2.     Verification

After receiving your application, the authorities will review it and may even schedule a visit to your company’s location to ensure that all the requested information was provided and that the application was completed properly.

3.     Finality

 They will grant you a license if they are pleased with your business operations following a successful inspection.

4.     Obtaining a License

The time it takes for you to receive the license should not exceed 60 days. You may begin operating without further notice if more than 60 days have passed and you still have not received the license. Renewal of a food license is fairly simple to do.


The Eating House License Renewal and Registration procedure involve a few steps. The applicant only needs to submit proper information on the official portal along with legitimate documents for additional legal evaluation. Documents for the purpose of registration and Eating House License Renewal are almost the same. Do regular follow-ups for the application update? The license is susceptible to termination if the Registering Authority discovers any false information or any violation of a regulation. If you have a food business and you want Eating House License Renewal, you can consult an expert for Eating House License Renewal at Bizadvisors.io.

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