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How to get an Eating House License in Delhi – An Ultimate Guide

How to get an Eating House License in Delhi

In Delhi, there are many cafés, restaurants, bars, and other eating venues. There are numerous restaurants located in every nook and crevice of the crowded streets, and they are renowned all over the world for their mouth-watering food and robust flavors. Maybe this is the reason so many entrepreneurs create their own restaurants. However, the legal procedure for opening a restaurant is intricate and requires the appropriate knowledge. In this article, we will discuss how to get an Eating House License in Delhi

An FSSAI license is thus the most important licensing requirement for food company operators in Delhi. All qualified food operators, including producers, carriers, distributors, and retailers, must have an FSSAI license before establishing a business.

What is an Eating House License?

The authorization needed to run an eatery in a specific area is known as an Eating House License. The applicant must submit an application to the State Police Headquarters and the local city’s police commissioner in order to get this licence. An eating establishment, such as a restaurant, café, bar, etc., serves a variety of foods and beverages to the general public for consumption. Every food business operator (FBO) is required to obtain an FSSAI License in accordance with the Food Safety and Standards Act (FSSA), 2006, in order to avoid penalties.

Documents required for Eating House License in Delhi

The following are the documents required for an Eating House License in Delhi:

·         Identity documentation, such as a PAN card;

·         Evidence of residency, such as an Aadhaar card, passport, or voter;

·         Evidence of lease, ownership, or tenancy (registered lease, sale deed, or rent deed);

·         A self-certified NOC from the property owner;

·         Current NDMC, DCB, MCD, and trade licence for airport operator;

·         Certificate of Incorporation for LLPs and Corporations

·         The company’s memorandum of association with the LLP;

·         Directors’ names and the most recent Form 32;

·         The designation of a designated signatory on the company’s letterhead;

·         Resolution from the Board for conducting business;

·         FSSAI Registration/License;

·         A certificate of GST registration;

·         Directors’ names and Form 32;

·         Acquired a registration certificate from the Delhi, GNCT, Labor Department;

·         For restaurants with 50 seats or more in their seating capacity, a fire safety certificate is required;

·         A list of all staff members, including food handlers, together with their names, ancestry, and addresses;

·         DPCC Consent Letter (A provisional license  is granted based on evidence that an application was submitted);

·         A site plan or approved building plan with three copies, as well as the fire safety measures indicated on the map (applicable for restaurants with a seating capacity of less than 50);

·         Prescribed self-attested affidavit for license;

·         Certificate of Police Clearance (PCC);

·         A request to host entertainment events like a DJ, live band, or discotheque;

·         The technical report of an installation or a CCTV invoice, etc., as evidence of a CCTV[1] system that was installed and that, was recording for 30 days;

·         Evidence of the designated area for a restaurant, such as photographs, etc.;

·         Any additional paperwork, if necessary.

The Procedure for an Eating House License in Delhi

The following are the procedure for an Eating House License in Delhi:

To complete the application:

The applicant must first register on the official police department website for the state in which the restaurant is planned to be built.

Upload the Documents:

 The applicant must then upload all the paperwork needed to get an eating establishment license along with the necessary statement.

Verification of Documents:

 The applicant must visit the Additional Commissioner of Police of the relevant state to have the documents and application reviewed after they have been submitted.

Regular Checkup

Next, the applicant must follow up with the relevant department on a frequent basis to receive updates on their application. Your application will be rejected with false information if it is incomplete or fraudulent. Furthermore, the government will keep any fees you have already paid.

License issuance:

You will receive your eating establishment license in 30 to 60 working days if everything is accurate and complete.

Validity of Eating House License in Delhi

Depending on how many years the food business chooses, an FSSAI license may be utilized for up to five. Because of this, the license’s cost increases proportionally to the number of years requested. As a result, you would need to apply for the Eating House License Renewal within 30 days of the present one expiring in order to comply with the FSSAI standards.

Renewal Process

When the license’s validity expires, it will be renewed. The license’s validity is determined by the issuing body; as a result, it differs from state to state. The Eating House License typically has a three-year expiration date. Similar to applying for a new license, the eating establishment license renewal process is straightforward.

Conditions of Revocation of Eating House License in Delhi

The organization that issues eating establishment licenses retains the ability to revoke them in the following situations:

1.  After giving the applicant a fair opportunity to be heard, the authority may withdraw the License if the applicant violates the rules established during the granting of the License or fails to follow the instructions;

2.  The applicant may request the surrender of the License from the issuing authorities if they wish to shut down the eatery for any reason. As a result, the license will be revoked by the authority.


There are manageable steps in the Eating House License in Delhi and the Registration process. To file an application, the applicant must provide accurate information on the police website’s official portal along with valid documentation for further legal review. As a result, conduct routine follow-ups for the application update. However, the license could be revoked if the registering authority finds any incorrect information or any violations of the law. Consult a specialist to get an Eating House License in Delhi. Bizadvisor.io offers professional assistance as well.

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