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A Complete Guide on Company Formation in UAE

A Complete Guide on Company Formation in UAE

Contrary to popular belief, Company Formation in UAE is a reasonably quick and straightforward process, especially in free zones. There has never been a better moment than now to start a company in UAE. The introduction of ambitious projects that are expected to lead to growth projections for the United Arab Emirates is frequently reported in the news. The most recent economic growth statistics show that more and more businesses are drawn to doing business in UAE.In this article, we will discuss a complete guide on Company Formation in UAE.

Benefits of Company Formation in UAE

Following are the benefits of the Company Formation in UAE- 

  1. 100% Foreign Ownership is Acceptable

For enterprises incorporated in the UAE DIFC, full foreign ownership is authorized. Consequently, the entire equity of the company may be owned by a foreign shareholder or investor.

  1. Simple Compliance

Dubai’s compliance rates are lower than those of other jurisdictions. There is a thriving business environment.

  1. Decreased Tax Burden

The amount of direct tax a person would be subject to would be less than indirect tax.

  1. Indirect Taxes, such as the VAT, are Levied in UAE.

This might be viewed as a value-added tax, which is levied in the UAE at a rate of 5% on the whole cost of the goods and services provided. No personal income tax of any type is levied on employees in UAE.

  1. Developed Infrastructure for Commerce, Transit, and Housing

One of the primary causes boosting UAE’s success is the city’s ranking as the third-largest re-export hub in the world, which is made possible by its highly developed network of commercial and transportation services. Another attribute of UAE’s fame is the caliber of its housing infrastructure.

  1. An Increase in the Financial and Service Sectors

UAE has established itself as a hub for these businesses thanks to the administration’s efforts to diversify its economy and make it a prominent global financial and service industry.


The following prerequisites must be met in order to register a business in UAE-

Obtaining a License

A firm is established primarily to conduct an activity. A corporation that is registered in UAE is given one of three types of licenses. The following are the licenses:

  • Commercial licenses encompassing all forms of trading;
  • Professional licenses for occupations, services, artisans, and craftspeople;
  • Industrial permits for starting a manufacturing or industrial operation.

Performing Free Zone Business

A local sponsor is typically necessary for company registration in UAE. An individual must do this in order to obtain a local sponsor. Because the local sponsor must be an individual from the UAE who controls the company to a greater extent than 51%, In most cases, a person will enter into some sort of profit-sharing agreement with the local profits and agree on a sharing ratio that must be agreed upon by the parties.

Step-by-Step Process for Company Formation in UAE

Although the financial, administrative, and technological requirements to establish a company in UAE may appear onerous, it is necessary to follow this step-by-step process with the help of several business consultants.

  1. A Business Activity Must Be Selected

Which free zones should be put up may depend on the type of business. In specific free zones, certain activities are permitted. the medical field, the media, transportation, etc.

In addition to government limitations, a company should be established in the same market segment. Transport connections should also be considered. Find a free zone close to a seaport or airport if your company is heavily dependent on exports and imports.

  1. Select Company Name 

You must suggest three names, and the Department of Economic Development will select one. Any name that contains objectionable language is prohibited, as are any names for nations, religions, or political parties. A person must be an owner or partner of the business if it is named after them. The process will be aided by a business consultant who will provide you with verses and chapters on all name conventions. Time is saved, which is very important.

  1. The paperwork for Incorporation Must be Completed

The application for the chosen company’s activities as well as the names of shareholders who have passports attached must be completed. You’ll get assistance from your business adviser with this onerous paperwork.

  1. Receiving License Notification

Your business license will be issued by the government once it has been completed.

  1. Establishing a Bank Account

Once the process is completed, you can use the obtained papers to open a corporate bank account. There are many banks in the UAE, including the Commercial Bank of Dubai, Emirates NBD, and Abu Dhabi Commercial Bank, in addition to well-known international institutions like Barclays, Citibank, and HSBC. A business consultant will assist you in selecting a bank based on the nature of your firm.

  1. Obtain Your Visa

The last stage must be finished before you can conduct business in Dubai’s free zone. Both your visa and the visas for your dependents and employees must be applied for. Depending on the free zone you choose, you may submit a certain amount of applications. You should seek the counsel of business specialists who can direct you toward the available free zone if you need a child, spouse, driver, or maid visa.

Documents Required for Company Formation in UAE

Due to the variety of businesses there, each firm in UAE would have its own unique set of documentation, the list of such different types of businesses is given below-

For the purpose of registering a business in UAE, the following documents are required

  • Form for Submitting a Business Plan.
  • When the authority has properly notarized MOAs and AOAs.
  • A photocopy of the sponsor’s passport as proof of citizenship in the United Arab Emirates.
  • NOC from the Sponsor.
  • Each shareholder’s bank reference letter.

In addition to the documents mentioned above, the following documents are required for an industry license

  • A copy of the feasibility study.
  • Existing company profiles.
  • Investor information.

For branch Office

  • Copies of the MOA[1], AOA, and Certificate of Incorporation that has been attested
  • Resolution of the Company’s Board
  • Relates to the parent company’s three-month bank statement
  • Original Power of Attorney and a Copy of Passport


The easiest and most practical approach to registering a company is through Company Formation in UAE. The main advantage of this procedure is the reduction in taxes and legal costs. With the knowledge provided above, anyone can conduct business in a free zone in UAE. The UAE is outpacing Saudi Arabia, the largest economy in the area, in terms of economic growth across the entire Arabian Gulf. For Company Formation in UAE, you must conduct a thorough study to determine which business consultants are the best and who offer reasonable rates. You can also reach an expert at Bizadvisors.io.

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