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Benefits of RCMC Registration in India

Benefits of RCMC registration in India

Expanding the market is the foremost requirement for today’s economic development. One of the benefits of RCMC registration in India is that it provides a path for having a national and internationally servicing business. Issued and guided by EPCs, the RCMC helps promote its products with firsthand originality and authenticity. The certificate acts as a license to export and import goods within the international market with a surplus of benefits as per the policies. In this write-up, we will be discussing about the benefits of RCMC Registration in India.

What is RCMC Registration?

RCMC Registration Cum Membership Certificate is issued by Export Promotion Councils (EPC)/Commodity Board/Development authority or other competent authority as prescribed in Foreign Trade Policy or HBP. Under certain circumstances where the product line of the exporter does not fall under any category mentioned, it is regulated and issued by the Federation of Indian Export Organizations (FIEO). This certificate acts as a pass to avail and carries out a number of facilities prescribed under trade policies. Concessions under the foreign trade policy are licensed to the exporting companies based on this certificate. Apart from trade policy benefits, benefits of RCMC Registration are availing in Customs and Excise as well. 

Is RCMC Mandatory for Export in India?

In order to avail the benefits of the trade policies, it is mandatory to procure an RCMC registration:

An individual applying for the purpose of:- 

  • An authorization to import/export business,
  • To avail benefits, facilities, or concessions under Foreign Trade Policy like duty exemptions, credit facilities, duty credit scripts, etc., are to mandatorily apply for the certificate.

The aim of such a certificate is to expand the Indian market by promoting businesses to export outside of India. Such a certificate is not required by an exporter which has been exempted from requiring the same in any capacity.

Application to Avail Benefits of RCMC Registration

Application for an RCMC registration is a simple three-step process:

  • Selecting the appropriate authority to be registered with,
  • Applying for the same and payment of fees,
  • Receiving license.

Application has to be made according to the specifications mentioned in an Aayat Niryat Form 2C form filed with the concerned EPC. This may be done by an online or offline method. The exporter in question can be registered as either a Manufacturer exporter or a Merchant exporter. In either option, the applicant has to furnish evidence for the same.

Conditions to Be Fulfilled for an RCMC Application:

  • Ensuring the business is in the field of import and export,
  • Ensuring a mainstream business, 
  • Consent from the respected boards and authorities. 

The exporter has to establish a mainstream business under which he shall be provided with an RCMC registration. In situations where, there is a case of multi-product, and a mainline of business is yet to be settled, RCMC in such cases is provided by FIEO.

Prospective exporters may also, on application, register and become associate members of an EPC.
Depending on the products, there are a number of organizations established, such as MPEDA and APEDA, that are responsible for allotting RCMC certificates to exporters. Such certificates are valid for the 5 years from the date of issuance, unless specified otherwise the cost of registering to become a member varies between different sectors.

Benefits of RCMC Registration

The following can be considered as benefits of RCMC registration:

  1. International recognition in developing markets

Export promotion is a crucial step toward developing the economy of the country. This is to be done by encouraging the development of different sectors in the country. Adopting this registration would directly promote exports on an international level. Such schemes are aimed to provide more authenticity to products and business owners and help expand their markets. Exports on an international level would help elevate the business system in India, which would further promote better international trade policies to exist. 

  1. Self-sustaining ability

Through such schemes, self-sustenance can be established. With the improved amount of exports from India, it would promote opting for such registration and enhance recognition of products nationally and internationally. The scheme of Atmanirbhar Bharat can be seen as an example of this.

  1. Foreign Trade Policy and Export Promotional Council benefits

The benefits of RCMC registration can be seen as per the Foreign Trade Policies. Benefits and advantages along with extra facilities are secured by the exporter opting for RCMC registration. Updates on the Foreign Trade Policy also affect these benefits.

  1. Availing Different Schemes

Through such registration, the exporting firm or company can avail of different forms of schemes under the organization and authority. The schemes vary according to the business and its requirements allowing it to act more precisely.

  1. Compliance with Government

A business securing the license would be in compliance with the rules and bylaws of the government. In such cases, violation of any expressed regulation would lead to punishment.

  1. Updates from FIEO and EPC

Apart from getting a different form of concessions from these, also updates regarding the foreign trade policy in India would be provided. An individual who wants to secure different benefits from the FIEO[1] but does not want the RCMC certificate can still register as an individual exporter.

  1. Double advantage– 

Exporter registering with FIEO, has the double advantage of getting the benefits under the Foreign Trade Policy, as also the benefit of FIEO’s services, facilities, credentials, and global reach.

These benefits of RCMC registration are not available or possible for any unregistered firms or businesses.


Having a worldwide development is worthwhile for not only the exporter but for the customer, the country’s economy, and for the intermediaries too. Looking towards the benefits of RCMC registration, exporters falling under the eligibility criteria should get themselves registered as a member to make most of the facilities provided. Following the laid out procedure by the authorities provides for a more dependable business structure. You can take more information about the same from BizAdvisors.

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