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A Complete Rules and Procedure for an Annual Compliance of Public Limited Company

A Complete Rules and Procedure for an Annual Compliance of Public Limited Company

Annual Compliance of Public Limited Company is surely required to make the biggest variety of annual compliances each 12 months compared to all different forms of company. Again, the indexed Public Limited Company is the general public limited company that makes the most important annual and periodic compliance each coming 12 months. This website offers extraordinary facts approximately the compliance filings for a public limited (indexed) agency in India, in particular the yearly compliance. 

What is Annual Compliance of Public Limited Company?

The Annual Compliance of Public Limited Company restricted employer must be executed in compliance with the needs of the Registrar of Companies and the Ministry of Corporate Affairs. According to Section 2(71) of the Companies Act, 2013, a public employer is known as an employer that gives its stocks to the public. Any employer that is a subsidiary of a public employer might additionally be deemed to be taken into consideration as a public restricted employer. There are unique forms of advantages offered through a public restricted employer, which incorporates restricted liability, safety to shareholders and administrators, and different shapes of blessings.

Annual Compliance of Public Limited Company in India after the general Public Limited Organisation registration is complete; your legal responsibilities as an enterprise proprietor begin. These responsibilities come in the form of compliance is to be taken care of. The compliances are paperwork that you need to fill out and post to the Registrar of Companies and that they want to be completed in the prescribed time. Failure to conform with those policies can purpose the general public organisation proprietor to pay heavy penalties.

Eligibility Criteria for Annual Compliance of Public Limited Company in India is that if your enterprise entity is registered as a Public Limited Organisation, or PLC, then as in keeping with the Companies Act 2013, you’re required via way of means of regulation to report the yearly Annual Compliance of Public Limited Company.

Documents Required for Filing Public Limited Company Compliances 

Following are the documents required for the filing of Annual Compliance of Public Limited Company- 

  • Financial statements of the economic year shareholding form related to the PLC 
  • The deal with of the registered office 
  • A maintained check in of the organisation 
  • Compliance certificates from the Company Secretary Members’ Registration Details
  • Details concerning the organisation management 
  • Details concerning the stocks and debentures of the organisation 
  • Debt and Charge Details of the Company 
  • In the case of occasion-primarily based totally compliance, if there’s a director change, then the information concerning the modifications are wished. 
  • In occasion-primarily based totally compliance, if there’s an occasion associated with proportion transfer, then the information of the identical are wished as well. Shareholding form of the organisation.
  • Filing the yearly returns in the MGT-7 form
  • Filing for certification of annual go back form MGT-8. 
  • Income tax returns on an annual basis.
  • A secretarial audit record on form MR-3 
  • The annual compliance this is below the guidelines and policies related to SEBI 
  • Annual General Meeting record on form MGT-15
  • Event-Based Annual Compliances Adoption of Financials and Director’s Report in the MGT-14 form

Important Filings of a Public Limited Company

Given below are the some important Annual Compliance of Public Limited Company 

  1. Annual Declaration on Form MGT-7

This form contains the latest information on the directors and shareholders of the public company and must be submitted to the appropriate ROC within sixty days after the Annual General Meeting (AGM). If the total paid-up capital of the joint-stock company is equal to or greater than Rs. ten crores, or its annual turnover exceeds Rs. fifty million rupees, then there also arises the requirement to file Form MGT-8 (Annual Yield Certificate) within sixty days of the financial year’s end.

  1. Financial Statements on Form AOC-4

This form must be filed with the appropriate ROC within thirty days of the company’s annual meeting. In accordance with the new provisions of the Companies Act 2013[1], this form contains the Balance Sheet, Profit and Loss Account, Directors’ Report, Cash Flow Statement, Audit Report, and Consolidated Financial Statements. Again, all listed corporations domiciled in India are now required to file their annual accounts in the Extensible Business Reporting System (EBRS). 

  1. Secretary’s Audit Report on Form MR-3

Every corporation (listed or unlisted) must file the secretary’s audit report along with the report of the directors under one of the following conditions- 

  • if the total amount paid in capital is equal to or greater than Rs. fifty million rupees; or 
  • Your annual turnover is equal to or greater than Rs. 250 million rupees.
    Annual compliance with all rules and regulations related to SEBI: Substantially including the Listing Rules 2015. (Especially for listed limited companies). 
  1. Form MGT-14

This acceptance of the financial statements and directors’ report must be filed within thirty days of the board meeting together with the copy of the board meeting of the company.

  1. Form MGT-15

Contains an exclusive report of the company’s annual general meeting.

  1. Annual compliance based on events

These may relate to the company’s internal management, external commercial management, company growth, or any unexpected or contingent activity that the public company is required to perform. 


Annual Compliance of Public Limited Company refers to the requirements that must be met annually to avoid any form of penalties. Most of the Annual Compliance of Public Limited Company would be the same as the Annual Compliance requirements for Private Companies. However, since a Limited Liability Company is not publicly listed, it would not be necessary to comply with the registration requirements for a Limited Liability Company. Yes, Annual Compliance for a Limited Liability Company is required. This compliance must be done as required by law. Yes, there is a penalty for not following the Annual Tax Return rules. The annual submission of the electronic forms must be submitted and signed by the school management. This signature must be provided digitally by the managing director of the company. The procedure must also be carried out by an auditor and a secretary of the company. In case you need any help regarding Annual Compliance of Public Limited Company, you can contact BizAdvisors.

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